Leave the plastic bags alone – use the lottery

Leave the plastic bags alone – use the lottery instead
(Or just stop stealing from everyone altogether!)

Everyone knows about the stupid proposed plastic bag bans happening at the local and state levels. Anyone that peels the layers back KNOWS it’s a shell game – as well as a con game.

They’re using “environmentalists” for support, as well as “sick kids” as emotional fodder. When in reality – it’s just a money-grab for the frickin’ politicians.

And ordinary people end up having to pay incrementally more for everything, and the environmentalists probably won’t get their way – nor will the dumb LEAD fund get a penny either. Suckers everywhere you look.

nj plastic bag ban should target lottery instead

But why not just take from other suckers who play the lottery?

The state will take as long as people allow them to. They’ll take their $23 million from someone else no matter which way you slice it. Which sucks, but not enough common sense people have banded together efficiently yet. They’re too busy swiping apps on their phone to be bothered.

So – let’s just go after the gamblers.

Upon quick glance, the four state lottery games (Pick-3, Pick-4, Cash-5, and Pick-6) take in about $800 million a year in sales.

Why doesn’t the state just take an extra THREE percent (3.0%) from that? Pay “winners” about 1.5% less – as well as 1.5% less commissions for lottery retailers. Or just take it all from the “winners,” if it pisses the retailers off.

At least those people are engaged in an already degenerative game – just make them cover these budget shortfalls.

Not the topic people should be debating – just a distraction

It’s ridiculous and retarded that any of these conversations are taking place – because it doesn’t even hit the root of the problem.

Which are the bloated governments that just take from everyone else.

Instead of debating WHO the money gets stolen from – maybe these shmuck politicians should be the ones people gang up on. Without mercy. It’ll happen eventually. Happens with every single documented society. It’s just a matter of when.

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