Feral cat trappers needed in Hoboken

Added: Another person you can contact is Joe. If you’re interested in helping email joemiscione@hotmail.com.


OK, it seems as if there’s a Hoboken “cat-i-demic” going on, especially uptown.


Apparently, there is a small “colony” of feral cats near the Hudson Tea Building (in the lot between 14th and 15th, Bloomfield and Washington). A couple Hoboken411 readers wrote in, and need help rescuing them (i.e., volunteers).

Companion Animal Trust needs help with feral cats

Carol, from Companion Animal Trust wrote:

“If you are feeding feral cats and/or do Trap Neuter Return we would like to meet you. There is a colony in the north end of Hoboken that needs to be TNRd and we are organizing an effort to trap and release them.

Would you like to assist with this? If so, contact companionanimaltrust@yahoo.com.

While Joe wrote:

Hoboken lacks animal control

“I would like bring to the community’s attention the issue of lack of any type of Animal Control in Hoboken.

I live in North Hoboken, near Hudson Tea and the empty lot there is loaded with stray cats who are having many kittens (it is not safe there for kittens). I called Frank Sasso, animal control officer, but he said that the city has no mechanism to deal with the issue (the proper solution is a Trap/Neuter/Release program or a neuter scooter).

I have enlisted the help of some volunteer groups, but they are overstretched and under funded and a properly run municipality should not neglect important services and hope that good Samaritans pick up the slack. I’d like to raise awareness and gather names of those who would like to petition city hall with me on this issue.”


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[quote comment=”101963″]What if you can’t send money, is there any other way to help?[/quote]

Yes. If you would like to help the night of the trapping that would be great. Hopefully, we will be scheduling a evening within a week or two. Email me if you are interested in helping that night at companionanimaltrust@yahoo.com. We will need a space for the recovery after surgery (basement, garage). If you have something like that available please let me know.



What if you can’t send money, is there any other way to help?

strand tramp
strand tramp

don’t these cats help keep down the wharf rat population ?



We are organizing a group to trap and release the cats. You can email me at companionanimaltrust@yahoo.com for details on how to make a contribution. Or you can go directly to http://www.companionanimaltrust.petfinder.com. Look for the donate button and your donation will be processed through Paypal.

Thanks very much.


[quote comment=”100985″]I’m in no condition to physically work on the problem. But if someone lines up a group, I’ll contribute some money.[/quote]

uptown girl

[quote comment=”101080″]Cat pelts can keep the homeless warm in the winter.[/quote]
Ala Cruella de Vil.

I think there is also a colony of feral cats on Monroe.