When Did Bike Lane Safety Become a Thing?

When Did Bike Lane Safety Become a Thing?

Man oh man we cannot believe the nonsense coming from our society these days. Especially when it comes to false senses of security. Such as “Bike Lane Safety.” What has happened to us as people?

Mind you – when we say “us,” we’re not including us, per se. I speak collectively, as in most people in the United States.

But let me give you a little background first.

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No one needed extra measures or bike lanes or bike lane safety

In the mid-1980’s, we wanted to be one of the first few people we knew to enjoy the clarity of Compact Discs.

We saved up money from both our paper routes (no kid has one anymore) as well as some other part-time jobs.

So once we had the money – and were “ready and set” to buy one – we were HELL BENT on having it immediately. However, my parents didn’t feel like driving me out to pay (I recall $159 for a Technics floor model), I was determined to get it myself.

What did I do? I brought along a friend, and we BICYCLED over six miles in the pouring rain in Bergen County, NJ – to Paramus, NJ (what was once Bergen Mall) to buy my CD player. I was either 14 or 15 years old. We navigated heavily trafficked roads and even rode on some highway shoulders if my memory serves me correctly. In the rain.

A 12 mile round trip in the rain, and no helmets. The latter six miles with a CD player under one arm in a plastic garbage bag so it didn’t get wet. I believe it took about 45 minutes each way. Without our parents, bike lane safety, or police escorts.

We just did it. And got to enjoy my very first two CD’s as well. Billy Idol Rebel Yell, and Sting The Dream of the Blue Turtles. High Fidelity never felt more rewarding. The best part was absolutely no worry or concern whatsoever.

Now bikes are scary, dangerous, and so on

I can understand helmets on kids learning how to ride bikes. Or helmets when riding around or near high-speed roads.

But there is a ridiculous set of regulations that dictate how people should ride a bike in this so-called free country. The state can take money from the parents of kids up to 16 years old if they are “busted” riding a bike without a helmet.

And of course – you know how ridiculous bike lanes, as well as advocates of bike lanes, have become. The conversation is loud, front, and center these days. You almost cannot avoid it.

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Even protected bike lanes can be unsafe!

Who’s responsible for all this bike safety?

Part of me suspects the primary culprit is the insurance industry. At least when you think of who financially benefits the most out of all these laws and regulations. The less money they have to dole out for any serious injuries, more money kept by them.

Not that helmets totally prevent injury – but probably reduce the number of costly injuries.

The second, are the politicos that force these laws upon everyone else. They, too benefit. One, by making their pansy constituents happy, as well as more money for contractor friends and state coffers via fines handed out. Ego. Power. Money. Control.

Free choice

Hey, we’re not against being safe. Yes, it’s probably a good idea to wear a helmet (or a seat belt).

But to be FORCED to act one way or another – under threat, is not cool whatsoever. And the fact that you constantly hear about how “lawmakers” often getaway with violating their own stupid laws, makes this whole concept even more retarded. But the people are to blame for allowing this slow-boiling of the frog.

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