Don’t mess with Granny!


I’m trying to make a dent in all the reader mail I have waiting on line.

Hoboken411 readers Jenna and Kelly wanted to share this cute observation about a territorial senior who has a favorite chair at Panera Bread:

Granny calls shotgun at Panera

“I went into Panera and this meemaw stink-eyed me down during my lunch. As soon as I got up she raced (and by race I mean the slowest wobble in the world) to steal my table. I have been in there and several more times and she is sitting in the same table by the window. Just an FYI— don’t sit in the granny’s seat!!!”


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King of Rock
King of Rock

[quote comment=”100883″]Panera is the hang out spot for people who are completely bonkers. My friend were eating there one night and an older man, “Bob the Builder”, sat down with us and offered us jobs at his construction company.[/quote]
After you accept the job offer, he takes you to his van and throws a large sack over your head.

The next thing you know you are in leather chained to a pillar in his basement or you are in a well and he keeps telling you to put the lotion in the basket.

The old lady is like Kathy Bates – she has people trapped in her home because they have been hobbled.


As long as she doesn’t urinate on the floor of the restaurant, I’m fine with her.

Now for the other nuts in this city that pee on the floor of restaurants, something needs to be done!


I have lived in the same building as this woman for over 4 years. I also swear that she has cursed me out in Slavic/Italian and after being caught in the elevator with her a few times, if I see her coming I go in the other direction. It is sad but she is a bit loco!

And I was at Panera today and she was at her usual spot by the window.


My parents are in their seventies and we went to Panera. My dad said, “What is this, Hoboken’s senior citizen soup kitchen?” I busted out laughing.

Hey, they liked the sandwiches though and my mom won’t eat anything that is “spicy”.


Did you guys follow him into the woods to the ‘job site’?