Why new restaurants don’t matter anymore…

Why new restaurants don’t matter anymore…

As you might have noticed – we have essentially chosen NOT to cover new businesses or restaurants anymore.

The revolving door aspect of the whole situation makes it so.

While many people clamor to find out the latest gossip about this and that – we feel it’s no longer worth anyone’s time.

Why? Because for the most part, when you break it down, you can view it as almost “soulless.”

— Practical or useful

Let me get one particularly important piece of information out in front – just to properly set the stage. Over the past few years, we’ve taken a strong stance on doing things for ourselves. Maybe not 100% “DIY,” per se, but specifically when it comes to eating – that is something that we almost exclusively do “in-house.”

Gone are the days of “eating out.” Regardless of how easy or convenient it was (or is) to do. In 2018, the prospect of eating commercially-prepared food is next to nauseating to us. From both a biological and financial perspective! Sure, from an efficiency standpoint, it may make sense from time to time – but only in extreme circumstances.

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— Trends and hype

Food is an awesomely fascinating topic to examine. Each and every one of us NEEDS food and water to survive. The myriad of facets to the food industry can be mind-boggling. Especially when you think of the effort needed to (quote-unquote) “feed” seven billion human beings on planet Earth.

But in regards to our own horribly damaged country called the USA, we have some serious trouble.

The number of people who eat “fast food” in 2018 is still disturbing. The lines I see at these place as folks (even in their cars) just want to eat this garbage – kind of makes me feel sad. That these poison-peddlers can continue so fluidly without any interruptions.

Remember, just because it is “in” today – does not mean it’s good for you. Remember 100-calorie snacks? What did you know then – that you now know now?

— Pop culture and mob mentality

There are many reasons “junk food” still holds firm ground on what people eat these days.

  • It’s affordable. Most junk food or fast food places have objects shaped like real food for relatively inexpensive prices. This helps feed the lower-income parts of the population.
  • It “tastes” good. A good majority of the folks that eat “fast food” regularly, would probably agree with the fact that they think they “like” the food. The way it tastes. What they don’t know is that there are likely artificial chemicals in their food that may have some impact on their opinions about such “food.”

One of the main reasons bad food still exists is that many individuals are stuck in a perpetual hunger cycle. Because bad food. Yeah – that’s a typical “phrase” people use these days – limited language. To put it more succinctly – the last food you ate is probably a precursor to the next food you will eat or crave. Chemistry, folks!

— New is not necessarily beneficial

Even with these new trendy “health food” places that have sprouted up, we still have our doubts.

Whether it’s Acai bowls or other salad bars and rationed plates – we believe that it doesn’t matter most of the time. The truly beneficial foods are either far and few between, or laced with chemicals and additives to screw with your body and mind.

You never truly know what goes into those food products.

Even when they use “feel good” terms, like “free-trade” or “organic” or “pesticide-free,” does not mean that those foods are free from sugar, carbs, chemicals or other HORRIBLE ingredients.

— We used to get excited because we were naive

I recall in the earlier days of this publication – that we used to get a bit excited about almost any new or improved business. Didn’t matter if it was a restaurant or shop or whatever. We liked “new.” Understandable when you’re uneducated.

But when you realize “everyone is out for themselves,” it becomes easier to understand.

Businesses out there want to make money. And they’ll do it in any way possible. Most of the time it’s positioning your emotions. Health. Well-being. Charity. And so on.

Think about it for a minute. Think about the tactics any business uses. Like how they try to use almost “un-attackable” causes like handicapped or disabled people as their charity cause. Or why every business includes some kind of donation of their profits.

Do they not do this to shield them from criticism?

— Cynicism is not bad – despite what they tell you

One of the weird trends I’ve noticed here and there – is that many companies out there, are dissuading the beneficial human trait of “cynicism.”

To us – that means questioning things. Almost everything.

That is why you see us often asking “CUI BONO?” (who benefits?).

Questioning life around you is not only healthy – it’s necessary for you to have a strong life. Simply accepting everything is more like a recipe for doom.

— It’s not that we don’t try to understand

On a side note – we truly do look at everything from a bigger picture perspective. Every new business that sprouts from Hoboken – we give them the benefit of the doubt.

We understand capitalism. We run a business ourselves. But we also live lives as individual human beings too.

So we’re proud to embrace our free-thinking minds.

— But Organic and Fair-Trade aren’t panaceas either!

organic is not all that - Why new restaurants don't matter anymore...I have this argument often in my house. “Organic” food.

If you’ve been interested in or have followed the whole “healthy” food subject enough – you’ve certainly encountered some information regarding “organic.” And how it’s really not all that it’s cracked up to be.

Some supermarkets do have decent organic food – but you have to carefully vet them out. Organic food should be avoided at giant chains like Walmart or Target, that’s for sure. And be aware that most restaurants use food distributors.

There are some more recent “farm to table” restaurants that probably hit most of the marks. However, most of the time, the cost is outrageous ($30+ entrees) for such feel-good buzzwords. More reason to do it yourself.

— Most restaurants are looking for “SCALE” and PROFIT.

Restaurants open for the same reason any business opens. To make a profit, earn a living, etc. However, there are many more nuances to a restaurant. Ambiance. Reputation. Ego. Location.

Eating out is one of the craziest things to do. Like a double-edged sword.

  • If you want food that is not hazardous to your health – you will absolutely pay 3x to 5x more than doing it yourself. Maybe even more if alcohol is involved.
  • And if you want to eat out on a budget – you can. But you’re paying for it with your health, hands down.

And anytime you see a restaurant owner who either has a lot of locations or quickly expands – you can bet that they’re cutting corners somewhere. Usually with the food sources.

Sure, a lot of people defend their decision to “eat out” at restaurants a lot. Maybe they can afford it. Or they don’t know how to cook. Many will even say they don’t have time. Still, those are not good enough excuses for us.

Even if we had all the money in the world – we’d always choose to do it ourselves.

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