Plastic Bag NONSENSE!

Plastic Bag NONSENSE!

In the latest round of liberal lunacy – Hoboken “mayor” – Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla – is “strongly advocating” for (euphemism for getting paid in some other way), the OUTRIGHT BANISHMENT of plastic bags from the stores you shop at.

All while other council members were saying “how do we get people to come to Hoboken?”

Well, this is one way to get people to stay away from Hoboken.

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Nothing wrong with plastic bags – and look at their creative application of “single-use!”

We love plastic bags. NO plastic bags are “single-use” for us. We use OVER 500 ShopRite or Kings bags a year – as KITCHEN GARBAGE BAGS!

In fact, the only “single-use” bags we use are the ones they’re suggesting permitting! For bringing home vegetables or meat! They never get re-used!

You see – they also used the phrase “single-use” on purpose. Not knowing that RE-USING plastic bags from the supermarket helps save people money. Psychological trickery 101. Mind games. For their purposes.

People also re-use grocery bags for picking up dog shit! Try that with a paper bag, you dopes!

It costs about $10 per 50 13-gallon Glad kitchen garbage bags. That’s an extra $100 a year the city wants to rob you of.

Here’s the bullshit announcement from the city this week:

“Hoboken Mayor Ravinder S. Bhalla is advocating strongly for two key ordinances being introduced at the City Council meeting on Wednesday. The first is a city-wide ban on single-use plastic bags. Bhalla had worked on the ordinance as a council member alongside Councilman Jim Doyle. The ordinance is now sponsored by Doyle and Councilman Michael Russo. (Shame on you, Michael! Don’t sell your soul to the devil!)

“Single-use plastic bags are incredibly wasteful and destructive to our community and the environment,” said Bhalla. “The US wastes hundreds of billions of these bags every year. This ban is a reasonable way we as Hobokenites can do our part to cut down on litter and pollution.” On average, an individual uses 500 single-use plastic bags each year. (Hoboken’s “part” will have zero impact, except for the constituents of these assholes they elected.)

If passed, the ordinance would ban retailers from bagging groceries and goods into single-use plastic bags, though plastic bags protecting produce, meat products, and newspapers would still be allowed. The ordinance would also apply a minimum fee of ten cents per paper bag used. In addition, retailers would be required to sell reusable bags for customers to be able to purchase if they wish.”

At what point do you tell a stupid politician to shut the hell up? And direct them to focus on things that are of much more importance to a city like Hoboken? Like the property-taxpayer draining PENSIONS that make up the majority of the budget? Or how to stop over-development? Or parking? Don’t they realize that more buildings equal BAD for the environment? These people are downright ridiculous hypocrites in every aspect.

Removing personal choice is a liberal’s dream

Let this sink in:

  1. They want to entirely BAN plastic bags to take home your merchandise.
  2. They want to FORCE you to pay extra for inferior “paper” bags. Probably at a cost of about $100 per year (now $200 less in your pocket annually), since you’ll need more trees to carry your crap home. And that will also hurt the environment, as fewer trees will be around as a result. (a 100% recycled model is unsustainable long-term, as the resource will eventually be gone without new original material).
  3. Or… they want to force you to schlep around those lame reusable bags that immediately label you as a complete sucker. Who pays for those? YOU. Heck, even I’d consider it if THEY PROVIDED THEM TO ME FOR FREE.

Conclusion: Control

They use creative language to coerce the public (single-use).

They cite vague, unprovable, disastrous outcomes (pollution, environment) when plenty of other shit is “polluting” besides plastic bags.

They ignore other WAY MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY DAMAGING products (such as electric car battery production, oil rigs, and the over 2,000 nuclear bombs that have been detonated on planet earth.)

Because it’s your stupid fucking plastic bags that are ruining the world.

Yeah, right.

Better off, it’s your FREEDOMS that are ruining their obsessive need to exercise control over others.

As a protest – if this passes – I suggest EVERY SINGLE RESIDENT of Hoboken shop elsewhere. Jersey City. Weehawken. Edgewater. Any place that still gives out plastic bags like reasonable people. Let the companies in Hoboken DIE for not protesting this to the end.

Consumer choice is much more important that what the goverments “decree” as right or wrong. Seriously – fuck these people and their stupid fucking rules. Don’t get sucked into this game!

I think Ravi Bhalla should wear a paper bag on his stupid head. It would improve the image of Hoboken tenfold.

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