Black Student LEAVES The Left’s Plantation!

We “monitor” many segments of the Hoboken digital populace. (Sorry – that is what happens when you put all your thoughts online for all to see!) And there are thousands of Caucasian liberals out there simply parroting “feel good” leftist memes all day and night. For what reasons, we cannot reasonably comprehend. Other than we live among mentally enslaved morons. Or virtue-signaling idiots. The last two decades of interwebs have created bigger problems than they have solved.

Anyway – this interesting video – specifically regarding “Black Lives Matter,” is a fascinating look at how people are starting to connect the dots as to how society as we know it is basically being manipulated from external sources behind the curtains. We’re happy people are waking up.

However, just be careful who becomes the next dominant force down the line. Much of the time, they have all of this pre-planned and are much better at anticipating the expected re-direction. All by design.

Black Student LEAVES The Left’s Plantation!

“INCREDIBLE! Black Stanford Student Completely DESTROYS The Left! Black Americans Are Waking Up & LEAVING The Left’s Plantation!

Truly Amazing Things Happen When Candace Owens & Charlie Kirk Visit College Campuses! #FreeThinkers #ImFree”

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