Hobotown – 8/20/2008


Waterfront constructionin Hoboken, by T.G. Heins:

hoboken hobotown cartoon tg heins waterfront crane - Hobotown - 8/20/2008

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It’s the ‘Attack of the Giant Woman wearing cheap fishnet stockings and pink pumps’. Here we see her crushing an old building on the waterfront to make way for the M Hotel. She looks westward at an old leather manufacturing building and licks her purple glitter lips…

“MmmmmMMm. Flaky Industrial al La Mode!”

The artists come running out of the building. One asks, “Oh no, it’s Taxi on steroids!”. Another screams, “That’s not Taxi! It’s Sybil. She’s awoken from the Cave and wants revenge, Ahhh!”

HPD forces deploy on full lock and load while the mayor sends in the architects with new blueprints.

Meanwhile, back on Willow and 9th, someone just scratched another person’s bumper while parallel parking.