Hoboken411 Week in Review – 6.10.2018

Hoboken411 Week in Review – June 10, 2018

Below are some posts published on Hoboken411 the week ending Sunday, June 10, 2018.

Hoboken411 Week in Review June 10 2018

Hoboken411 Posts:

  • City control gone wild!: Plastic bag nonsense – they want to take your ability to carry groceries home. Vote them out of office.
  • Not know-it-alls: Most of the time, “credentialed experts” are nothing more than propaganda-pushers.
  • Corruption, anyone?: Don’t think the obvious crookedness going on in Edgewater ain’t happening here in Hoboken.
  • Junk food: 80% of the “food” sold in supermarkets is packaged garbage. Learn about The Dorito Effect to educate yourself further.
  • What kids?: Sadly – most parents these days will miss their childhood as they obsess over their phones.

Wake-up quote of the Week:

chronically unhappy due to consumerism

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