Fake sale at Battaglia’s Home in Hoboken?

Fake sale at Battaglia’s Home in Hoboken?

As some of you might already suspect, the entire “furniture industry” is and always has been somewhat of a racket. Crazy markups, deceptive sales, and so on. We’ve always despised buying furniture. (You’re probably best off buying expensive furniture at places like Frontgate.com – at least they stand behind every single thing they sell…)

However, we never thought those guys at Battaglia’s Home uptown would be part of the trickery.

One Hoboken411 reader pointed the following discrepancy out regarding at least one specific sofa they had photographically documented for evidence.

First – they’re having an inventory “blow out” where they’re promoting HUGE discounts on “floor models.”

battaglia's home hoboken fake sale 1

Then, the reader points out what this sofa cost a few days ago before the “sale.” $1959.00. Straight-forward, right? No gimmickry on the price tag. I bet this model will be marked down considerably for the big floor model sale, right?

battaglia's home hoboken fake sale 2

Not really.

As you can see in the next “sale” photo, the price tag now has all sorts of new additional information to psychologically play tricks on the customers.

battaglia's home hoboken fake sale 3

It now lists THREE prices!

The “original” price of $2260.00 – The new “sale” price of $1899.00 – and the arbitrary “compare” price of $3478.00.

Wait a minute, what happened to the original, original price of $1959.00 it was just a few days before the sale?

So in essence, the actual price reduction was only $60.00, or about a 3% reduction. Not even enough to negate sales tax. And dishonest product markings. Tsk, tsk. I’d have more respect for them if they listed it only as a $60.00 savings. But that wouldn’t have the same effect, would it?

Why places like this have to resort to old-school marketing gimmicks is beyond us. And little did they know that everyone has a camera on them nowadays, and you really can’t get away with bullshit like this anymore.

Anyone with half a brain knows the nonsense between those “UP TO 60% OFF!” claims. There was probably ONE $5.00 trinket in the store that was marked down to $3.00 in order to give that statement accuracy. The rest of the high-profit items were probably just like the example above. 3% or less.

[This is not to say that there aren’t some okay deals to be had. Who knows. Maybe this was just an honest error. People make mistakes all the time. Even after running stores for decades.]

Either way, fake sales are still for suckers! Don’t believe the hype!

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