The internet is today’s “con man!”

the internet is todays con man

Yikes! The internet is today’s “con man!” (for real!)

Let’s think about life before the internet for a moment. And yes, I’m saying the internet is today’s “con man!”

And by the way – I included that phrase above specifically for “search engine optimization” for that long tail keyword. But who’s counting?

Flashback – how people gauged reliability and respect

Back in the day (pre-internet), we had to use our own physical, real-world senses to live and learn about the world. This included making mistakes, and yes, getting “duped” or “conned” into something that was not beneficial to us.

Before the internet – people judged others by their actions, and what you can call “deliverables.”

Another way to say that is actions speak louder than words.

But words still affected and influenced people. Think about snake oil salesman for a moment.

People used to evaluate other people (directly)

In the good old days, trust and respect typically were earned. And usually OVER TIME. Re: you had to demonstrate a track record of good.

Most folks were sensible and did not “buy into” much unless there was PROOF. They were usually skeptical or cynical to a degree – and didn’t open up much (especially their wallets) unless they could prove some kind of value to a degree.

Sure, people got duped into buying things that later turned into disasters (remember timeshares?)

But overall, it was rough goings for the snake oil salesman of the last few decades prior to the interwebs. They still had a market though, because our populous is filled with susceptible idiots that would fall for almost any scam – and STILL NOT LEARN from their mistakes. A shame.

However, the majority of the population (USED TO HAVE) an ability to weed out those looking to take advantage of us. It was somehow inherent in our personalities for whatever reason. To doubt things, or to automatically presume the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true…”

It was a good characteristic for humanity to have as a whole. Because it kept us all in check to some degree.

What were some different personality traits back then? (And what percentages?)

Information was harder to get in the 1950’s for instance. You’d have to invest a lot of time READING. And even if you spent 18 hours a day – you’d still be rather narrow-focused. Unless of course, you were one of the prolific speed-readers who could comprehend vast amounts of the information above and beyond your average lamen.

But as a counter-point (in today’s perspective), what was “read” back in the day – is now being unveiled as false or wrong! Holy crap, what is wrong with society? Think about the high-carb, low-fat diet as an example. It’s why 90% of people today are fat as hell!

So much of the information that was (is) out there then, as well as today, is utter garbage.

Same holds true for the rest of the nonsense we’re all ingesting. It’s just wrong most of the time. Thanks to the lack of ability to test theories via personal experience (instead of reviews or social media posts.)

Before the internet – we judged by contributions

What kind of people did we have in our lives?

Friends. We accepted them for whatever reasons. Usually based on trust of some degree. Or familiarity. Or proximity (i.e., the kid next door). They had undue influence on us. Music. Habits. Hobbies. Especially when you were young, and so on.

Co-workers. As you got older, the folks you worked with added (or subtracted) from your personality.

Family. Especially if you had siblings.

Figures in your community (pastors, business-owners, school staff, etc.)

Media personalities (music, television, movies, radio, etc.)

Con men. People that existed across the spectrum for whatever reason – in order to further their goals. Selling more timeshares, or products, or agendas, etc. Con Men are people that would sell their soul to the devil to benefit themselves. They have existed across ALL spectrums as long as man has been alive.

Dog eat dog world – and bad search engines

Thanks to technology, the past couple years have been strange for those who use the internet for information. The search engines have become utterly useless to us at least.

Sites which spend a lot of time optimizing their content have taken control of the first few pages of “results,” so much so that I rarely, if ever, find quality information.

Luckily, we still have a memory and know where to find acceptable answers. We also have trusted sites we use regularly, and that is our arsenal to find the good in the world.

But those sites which now have taken ownership of the top search results are the con men of yesterday. Snake oil. Misinformation. Bad products as well as mega-corporations.

The top search engines have rigged the game in favor of those who have the resources to jump through the hoops necessary to land on “page one.” The rest of the masses are left to struggle in obscurity.

Give it just a few years, and we’ll only be left with the big brothers of the world. In every aspect, other than shopping with your feet in your local downtown.

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