Forgetting the music of your past

Forgetting the music of your past {why do we do it?}

We recently mentioned how it’s practically unnecessary to pay for any music – new or old – these days. It’s all available for free in the public domain in one form or another.

But in delving into that topic, we all of a sudden re-discovered the great music of our past.

It became an interesting exercise to engage in, as we found more and more great songs we used to listen to.

That got me thinking.

How come we didn’t listen to them for so long? What happened? Did something else replace them?

What if we kept listening for decades, would we still have the same feelings about these songs?

Maybe there’s a reason for the hiatus, so we can bring them back into rotation again? Proof that they stood the test of time or something?

Anyway – here are a few songs we particularly liked back then – and still enjoy beyond belief in 2018.

Below is a very new video from The Breeders – containing some slamming new material, as well as old.

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