Hoboken parking is dangerous!


Are there any “safe” parking spots left in town?

The hits keep on coming

Here is another cautionary tale of how parking your car on a Hoboken street can lead to it’s early demise.

Imagine getting ready for dinner and hearing a tremendous crash outside your home. You look out the window to find a bulbous ambulance has just rammed your precious fuel-efficient Honda. Damnit!

That was the scene on Park Avenue yesterday evening when an Amb-U-Care (or as Hoboken Police Dispatchers call “AmCare”) driver rammed the parked Accord, jamming it into the curb and the car in front of it. The impact totaled the little Honda, but luckily no injuries were reported. The ambulance had apparently just turned on to Park from Observer (at probably a pretty high rate of speed for the area) when an attempt to squeeze in between a Fresh Direct truck and parked cars turned into this mess. Something to think twice about next time you try to get into your car on a crowded Hoboken street. The driver was overheard to have said he “lost his brakes”. Riiiiight.


(Thanks to the Hoboken411 reader that sent the pictures in!)

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Friday, August 22, 2008 8:50 am

The first several years of my career I worked till 12, 1 or 2 am on a regular basis some months. I used to get online and order fresh direct for delivery on a Saturday early morning because that’s the only time I knew I’d be home. It wasn’t that I was “too important” it was convenient (I don’t even know that shop rite was there yet), and weekends were spent doing laundry and visiting friends and family. I literally had NO time.

Friday, August 22, 2008 6:23 am

Back when I lived on Long Island and too far from the market to walk, I had to use Peapod (a FreshDirect like company). Normally my roommate did the shopping, because she could drive, but one winter she was in the hospital, and when she came home she was in a wheelchair recovering for some time. So I had to shop online and have our food delivered. That is just one of the many reasons I now live in Hoboken. If my wonderful husband was not around to do the shopping right now I would have to have it delivered as I’m still hobbling along with a cane or a crutch. Though I think I would use the service offered by the local markets.

Friday, August 22, 2008 3:01 am

No problems, 411. Just have a little personal pride in the company I work for. If you are referring to the one up at the crane collapse on Sinatra Dr., that was the only ‘box’ ambulance we have. The rest are vans similar to the one shown here.

Friday, August 22, 2008 1:11 am

First off, yes, this is an Amb-U-Car van, not one from AmCare. Hoboken residents have probibly seen AmCare vans racing through the streets all lit up. Listening to the scanner, I think they are called if the volunteer ambulance is overwhelmed by calls. Secondly, the driver stating he ‘lost his brakes’ does not surprise me all that much. Knowing several people that work for Amb-U-Car, I can say that they run their trucks into the ground before fixing them, if they even decide to do that. Most have no air-conditioning, smoke badly, and sometimes don’t even start. One actually needs a long screwdriver to be jammed into it to have the pittance of an air conditioner to even work. Finally, as someone who drives a larger vehicle through Hoboken from time to time, I can agree that the Fresh Direct trucks that double park on our streets make traffic navigation a nigh impossibility. Honestly, though, I have never even found out what these trucks are for. But, if they are for what they appear to be for, I have to ask: are Hoboken residents really that lazy to call a company to deliver groceries to their building? Shop Rite offers a call-ahead service if it’s that much of a hassle. But no, I need my food hand-delivered to me in a large refrigerated truck that is being made to squeeze down our already congested streets just so I can sit on my couch and not miss what Brittany is going… Read more »

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