But, is it real?

But, is it real?

[This is why we never share any personal moments on social media. Because we focus on the most important metric – our own lives. But it is next to impossible for the bulk of the populous to achieve this since their “programming” is pretty much complete and practically irreversible.]

but is it real - But, is it real?

By Isaac Morehouse

There are a lot of layers of social signaling out there. So much so, and it’s rewarded so heavily in online dopamine hits, that it’s easy to focus entirely on achieving better signals of status at the expense of achieving real value behind it all.

When it comes to products, companies, or cryptocurrencies, just use the damn stuff or don’t.

When it comes to your personal goals, just make progress and add value to yourself or don’t.

And when it comes to business, just make customers happy or don’t.

Those are really the only choices that matter. Back it. Make it real. Forget about all the framing and posturing and stressing over attention or the need to stake and proclaim a position on every idea and event you hear about. Screw all of that.

Build the stuff you care about. Create value. That’s it.

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