Hoboken needs some common sense in development

Hoboken needs some common sense in development

[Below is a letter to the editor regarding the whole Union Dry Dock debacle. Hoboken “mayor” Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla is just listening to the mob, instead of respecting PRIVATE PROPERTY. And don’t forget – eminent domain should be used for ABSOLUTE NECESSITIES – not “luxury amenities.” Perhaps they think eminent domain is “amenity domain?” Screw these bobble-headed politicians. Such narcissists!]

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By Alexander Santora

“When Hoboken was developing in the 19th century, the northwest section, where Shop Rite and Academy Bus, for example, are located, was all marshland. And the town officials allowed the natural wetlands to remain open since they knew that Hoboken is below sea level and would often flood. These marshes absorbed the overflow of water.

200 years later, we think we can fight Mother Nature and have overbuilt Hoboken to the point where there is no place for the water to go and we have periodic and regular floods especially in those areas where we built on marshland, which is also where we built public housing for the poor.

There is no halt in sight so we are planning a quarter billion dollar water wall on the Hudson, which even Stevens student engineers would tell you is foolish. All it will do is disperse the water to Jersey City and Weehawken, which border Hoboken. This wall is really a financial boondoggle for consultants and lawyers and entrepreneurs and even crackpots. Common sense dictates to stop overbuilding and build away from the shores.

So where is Hoboken today? There are too many residents packed into a little over one square mile. And so many cars so we punish them by engineering regular traffic jams in the hope that they will give up their cars.

Located in between two major tunnels, it “ain’t gonna” happen any time soon. We create an inhospitable environment for out-of-town visitors with cars, which depresses our local economy. We have more parks for our small town than needed.

So when a major ferry company needs to use the Dry Dock land for ferry repairs, we threaten to take the land by eminent domain, which at the new governor’s request has been revoked by the City Council. This problem is at a standstill. There is so much waterfront parkland already. Common sense dictates that there needs to be mixed use of land especially to ease commuting.

So instead of bringing all parties together to work out a common solution that benefits all, town officials badger the owners and hurl legal threats like eminent domain. All of which simply enriches lawyers who relish such skirmishes and drains tax money.

NY Waterways has offered to landscape the property so it allows for the continuous walkway along the Hudson and green part of the property. This can work as it does for the ferry docks uptown where the ferries blend into the landscaped waterfront. Common sense dictates that a major transportation company can meet the needs of thousands of people who use the ferries daily and landscape it for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

Common sense has been lacking in Hoboken for years. We have allowed the town to be highjacked by people who are out of touch with the mainstream and force policy and cultural changes that cater to a few and not the common good. Let common sense prevail and Hoboken’s quality of life.”

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