Bike Lane Nonsense

Bike Lane Nonsense

When I ride my bike around town – I assume the “at my own risk” mentality.

I ride like a renegade, as well as extremely assertively. No helmet and I’m still going strong (tip: never ride your bike inebriated – hard as hell!)

However, now that Hoboken is putting all these cushy bike lane safety zones – some soy boys just cannot manage. They become emotionally unhinged that their precious lanes are being impeded!

They’re even resorting to using handlebar-cams to express their outrage.

The limp-wristed bicyclist cannot even muster up the courage to PASS the damn bus, and instead comes to a complete halt. What a wuss!

I have a sinking feeling that people like this are almost ready to be served by Mr. Darwin himself. They better strengthen their almonds if they want to have a chance at a long life.

Survival of the fittest, boys! (And I’m not talking about doing good at CrossFit or reaching new milestones on your FitBit. Grow a pair. There is no app for that, unfortunately.)

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