Starbucks problems again

Starbucks WTF

[We had a quote in the most recent week in review post – that said: “I am against Justice – whenever it is carried out by a mob.”

And that is exactly what happened a couple weeks ago in regards to the retarded Starbucks incident.

What should have been limited to an isolated incident at a local coffee shop, turned into an international crisis, thanks to the “benefits” of social media.

Here’s what one site wrote about the whole thing. We don’t necessarily agree word for word, but it’s a perspective other than ours.]

SJW Outrage over Nonbuying Customers Expelled from Starbucks

By Dave Blount

To the many benefits of liberal privilege, we can now add using the restrooms at Starbucks without making a purchase:

Philadelphia’s police commissioner on Saturday defended the arrest of two black men as they sat in a Starbucks coffee shop, and said his officers had to act after Starbucks employees told them the pair were trespassing.

According to staff, the two wanted to use the restroom, which is only for paying customers. They refused to leave, so police were called. Nobody is pressing charges, so the trespassers were released. None of this would be newsworthy if they were caucasian, but since they were OTHER than white, Starbucks must be racist.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross [who is black himself] said he knew the incident had prompted a lot of concern, but said his officers “did absolutely nothing wrong.”

But the baristas who called the cops instead of kowtowing to the troublemakers of color sure did wrong.

Later in the day, CEO Kevin Johnson released a personal apology to the two men, adding that Starbucks had begun “a thorough investigation of our practices. In addition to our own review, we will work with outside experts and community leaders to understand and adopt best practices.”

How about giving your coffee away for free to everyone not caucasian? Maybe that could stave off the consequences.

A sample of the sentiment on Twitter, where #BoycottStarbucks has drawn an enraged mob of SJW nitwits:

The preferred story is that the two were there not to use the bathroom, but to wait for a friend. No matter; in a free country, it would be up to the proprietor of a business whether people can use the restrooms or hang out without buying anything. But that is hardly likely to resonate with moonbats, who hold property rights in contempt.

Neither will the mob’s rage be ameliorated by Starbucks’ reputation as one of the most obnoxiously politically correct companies out there. Live by moonbattery, die by moonbattery.

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