We are all we have

We are all we have

[As the weeks, months, and years go by while you swipe and giggle on your digital social networks – this is something you ought to read to prevent you from letting it all slip away. Just sayin’!]

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by Hardscrabble Farmer

My grandmother and her siblings grew up in the middle of The Great Depression. She used to tell me stories about growing up and there were lessons baked in those stories.

They never had money, but they never went hungry.

They stuck together as a family and lived in a tight-knit community.

The men all had skills that allowed them to earn enough to purchase the things they couldn’t raise or make for themselves: carpentry, plumbing, hunting, fishing.

The women all had huge gardens and knew how to preserve food for the Winter.

They were the least pretentious people on Earth and it never bothered them to wear clothes that were old because they kept them patched and clean.

In all the photographs there is a commonality- multiple generations living together and always there are children, adults, and the elderly leaning against each other, arms around shoulders and waists and the kinds of smiles that are genuine, not those wide toothy soy grimaces, but tight-lipped and from the heart. All you get from them are love, devotion, solidarity, and commitment.

The lessons she taught me were the ones I ignored for the first part of my life, but they were the ones that really stuck long term. In all my life I don’t think I have ever admired or looked up to someone as much as I did those two, old, shuffling and broken people that were my Grandparents because no one ever made me feel as cared for, loved and valued as they did.

We can look at what is coming as a punishment or we can find within it what we deserve and should expect. We called the tune and now we must pay the piper. You feast and eventually, they bring you the tab to settle up.

Think about what’s important, focus like a laser on that and never forget that in all things there is a balance and a cycle that must find equilibrium and all we need to do is to trust in the ones we love and care for and man up no matter what comes our way. In the end, we are all we have.

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