Newspapers and other media

Newspapers and other media

For a ridiculously long time, Newspapers had a spell on people. Get ready for a bevy of “quotes” from us – as this article requires so many because of the lunacy… (i.e., as a primer – when we use quotes, it’s typically multi-faceted as why… but usually to mock something.)

So I’m sure many of you have seen the debacle that local “news” outlets across the country have displayed – where they’re all begging that people avoid fake Twitter tweets, and just watch the evening news, right?

YOUTUBE now has more real things going on – if you can find them (which is part of the challenge).

But you have to ask why any new organization has “authority?”

I’ll say this now. The news is over. They’re done. That part of our lives is 90% dead. They’re hanging on but not for long. Unfortunately – there are still people who believe that this so-called news is just organic “reporting” about stuff actually happening. But it’s not – it’s social programming with a little bit of circumstantial info to make them appear credible at times.

What kills us is the facade they portray openly. They act like such superior people. It’s sickening.

We all have access to most of their sources. Perhaps not in instances where a “press pass” is required, but we know the truth one way or another. Especially with local news.

However, it gets a bit harder the higher up the political tree you go.

The President and what happens around that “jurisdiction” is profoundly different than what takes place in a city like Hoboken, Union City, Plainfield, or Bridgewater. Just depends on how corrupt each particular city “government” is – and what they get away with.

“This Is Extremely Dangerous To Our Democracy”

When the propaganda ‘snake’ starts eating its own scripted ‘tail’ you know the end is close…

Paul Joseph Watson shows how mainstream media outlets are gushing the same prepared rhetoric about fake news, warning viewers to trust ‘them’ and not ‘the other fake news media’

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