Side Effects

Side Effects (of the addictive social media)

Below is a brief video we found on Vimeo (whom we will never use again – but some great content creators still like them).

It’s an animation of various bad things. Pretty much the manufacture of drugs of some form. Pills. Liquids. Injections.

Each one represents some kind of internet or social media-related “opioid.” I love the subtleness and brevity of this piece. The very last scene sums it all up in five seconds.

Those who find themselves hooked on the various, uh, hooks, that keep them engaged day after day would probably need several views of this video before it has a chance to sink in. Because of the metaphorical and abstract nature of this brief video – you might need to take a step back and see things as if you were a fly on the wall of your own life.

But I’m not too encouraged enough of the population has that ability to self-reflect anymore. Once these “drugs” enter your neural pathways, they essentially shut down the “critical thinking” part of the operation. Done.

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