Applied (mis)Management, FiOS, & more


As many Shipyard area residents uptown might already know, Verizon has been wiring numerous buildings and units with cables and connections for the “much anticipated” FiOS fiber optic cable, phone and internet services.

However, one Hoboken411 reader who moved from The Sovereign over to the Vanguard building has had a terrible time with Applied Management.


Good apartments gone bad

“Do you get many complaints about the Shipyard and Applied Management?

I came home from work last week around 8pm to find my door AJAR and my pet locked in my bedroom without AC, food, water, or means to go to the bathroom. (please note, my door was open…propped open by both the dead bolt and a rolled up piece of paper).

Apparently, the management group has been going apartment to apartment to upgrade to FiOS and it was ‘my day’. But shouldn’t there be some accountability for that? I mean, aside from animal cruelty and the fact that my apartment was left open all day where anyone could have entered and taken anything… but I’m a 30 year old single woman. What if someone let themselves in and waited for me to come home? That’s a safety issue. I spoke with a friend (an attorney) and he said though it was negligence on their part, there are no damages because nothing was taken and my pet was shaken up, but OK. However, I can’t believe that is it. I’ve called twice and left messages expressing my unhappiness and no one has called me back.

raw-sewage-bathtub-hoboken-applied-management.jpgThis isn’t the first time I’ve had issues, either. I had raw sewage backed up into my bathtub SEVEN times. Each time they sent someone over to put bath crystals (equal to Drano) down the drain and said ‘it won’t happen again’. It wasn’t until I threatened legal action and that I’d contact the Department of Health, that they finally sent over a plumber to fix the problem. It took him 20 minutes to snake the drain (which they should have done initially) and tell me how HE couldn’t believe it’s taken as long as it has. It’s been three weeks (knock on wood) and so far, so good. I started taking showers without wearing flip flops for the first time two weeks ago since April!

Either way… I’m very upset about finding my home completely exposed and my pet trapped in a room without food, water or AC for hours. Again, aside from the obvious, there are also safety issues involved. Anyone else complaining about this management team or anything? I can’t believe I’m the only one having issues. Also, do you know who I can elevate this too? I can’t believe they aren’t calling me back. I don’t really know what to do anymore!”

Does anyone else living in any of Applied’s properties also have problems?
Do you have any suggestions (other than “move if you don’t like it”) that might help her problems get solved?

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Applied is the worst. I lived in Hudson Square South for 2 years and not only did they raise the rent by $400 the first year, but we had mouse problems multiple times (when the weather got cold). The management company didn’t seem to care and only took action when we threatened to withhold rent. When they wired the building for Fios they had wires running up and down the hallway for an entire day, making it impossible to leave or enter the apartment. Good riddance Applied.

strand tramp
strand tramp

change your locks and buy some of those cool rat traps and put Skippy on them then listen for the “snap!” at night.


ST – The more I think about this I have a feeling the leak was a way for the Management company to get in to my apartment. I was the only person who saw a mouse in the building and I made a HUGE stink about it and wanted to get the buildign exterminated. My lovely management company told me that it was my personal problem and that I was the only person who saw a mouse. I think this was there way to get in and snoop around to make sure the place wasn’t a pig sty or something and the leak was an excuse. Oh and by the way the rat in the trash can outside that I saw is probably my person problem too. WTF?


We had a leak in the basement and I gave them keys awhile back as they needed to confirm the leak was’t coming from my apartment as I was the apartment directly above the leak. I was at work and the plumber was there they wanted to get in blah blah and I couldn’t drop everything to run a set of keys home. All of my neighbors have copies there so I figured it was ok. I have an alarm now so that should solve the problem but I didn’t appreciate the plumbers leaving every light on in the place and trashing my bathroom.