What if Hoboken was a dry city?

What if Hoboken was a dry city?

The recent debate about how to handle events like LepreCon is one of the more annoying things about a liberal city like Hoboken.

People that live here – want things their way. As if they own the entire city.

I saw all sorts of people chiming in on the subject of these mass party events. They wanted to control the behavior of others. Everyone had to “behave.” Like a police state – or actually worse, a NANNY-STATE.

It appears that Hoboken has the highest percentage of people living here that all tattled on someone in kindergarten for COLORING OUTSIDE THE LINES.

Yet they want the alcohol stores and bars and restaurants that serve alcohol for them, too. So much for sharing, right?

I could go on.

But I think the next logical step for this city is to prohibit the sale of alcohol entirely. Make it a dry city. There are 35 dry cities in NJ – mostly in the south.

This would solve multiple problems.

  • One, it would pretty much eradicate mass-drinking shenanigans,
  • Two, it would disarm the SJW’s as well – since you have removed a societal subject that they like trying to control. How sweet would that be?

It’d be a win-win for us – since we buy our wine in bulk out of town.

hoboken nj dry city - What if Hoboken was a dry city?

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Monday, March 19, 2018 9:28 pm

Do you realize how absurd this is on so many levels? You might buy your booze in bulk out of town. Most residents don’t. L.uckily this has zero chance of happening

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