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2 Comments on "Mayor’s FY2009 Spending Plan"

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I am waiting for his 2009 Fiscal Savings Plan. I am sure its two pages are a breezier read.


I’ll be objective here as many of you know of my not so flattering poetry and jingles on the Mayor’s Office:

Here is the good and the bad:

1) Seems that the deffered charge of 11.7 million is included and not left out.
2) Hey, at least the budget isn’t $200 million.

1) If the Administration was doing its job the deffered charge would never be an issue but let’s let bygones be bygones.
2) Not enough cuts where there is fat, not even close. Where are those operational audits the Mayor promised.
3) Forgot to include the $52 million Hoboken taxpayers will owe when the HUMC goes broke. (I really hope that does not happen)
4) The munical portion of taxes that the Mayor’s Office has under its control went up 35% from last year.