Historic Preservation NONSENSE

Historic Preservation NONSENSE {Tall people EXCLUDED!}

Tall people are discriminated against. So sick of it. Especially when it comes to ridiculous “historic preservation.”

We were at an NJ restaurant the other day for an event – which was in what is deemed a historic property (a few hundred years old).

The ceilings were ridiculously low, that we had to duck continuously in order to make our way through. Sometimes half a foot lower than the top of my head!

Despite being very aware and careful, it was only a matter of time before I clocked my skull. Happened more than once. A tall person cannot exist normally in that building.

We filed an “incident report” just in case some later injury resulted. The staff was angry with me – saying the building was historic, etc., etc.

However, the entire building was retrofitted with handicap ramps to ACCOMMODATE those in wheelchairs. So much for historic preservation. They didn’t have those ramps back in the day – so how can that be allowed? Why do handicapped people get the exception?

I say that if something is to be deemed “historic,” then those ramps shouldn’t be allowed either.

But once those ramps are installed – then the building should be RAISED to ACCOMMODATE tall people as well. Otherwise – the building should not be allowed for public use.

Always such hypocrisy when it comes to the “needy” people in our society. Time to fight back, tall people!

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