Hoboken Movie Lineup – 2.23.2018

Bow Tie Cinemas Movies Hoboken NJ

Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie Times - Hoboken Movie Lineup - 2.23.2018Oh lordy, seems like every movie coming out this week is about sexism, feminism, or Marxism. I’d rather see this foreign film called Agent Mr. Chan. No cultural programming in that – just entertainment.

“Mr. Chan was the top agent. Unfortunately, he has been removed from duties right after a mission failure, his partner (Wonder Child) made a mistake and offended the policewoman Ms. Shek unintentionally. 20 years after, Ms. Shek has no choice but put the problems aside to ask Mr. Chan giving her hands for solving a mysterious case. With the evidence to show this case has been involved with a Cyber Goddess. Mr. Chan is going to make up himself in a sloppy appearance, the situation becomes out of control.”

(Current new movies that might be playing in Hoboken below.)

agent mr chan movie poster - Hoboken Movie Lineup - 2.23.2018

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