Tide Pods PSA

Tide Pods PSA

Yeah, yeah – everyone has heard about the utterly retarded Tide Pods ingestion nonsense that surfaced recently. But not everyone has seen this fast-paced 12-minute video about the science. It has lots of energy, tons of accurate information, and very good graphics.

If your kid won’t watch this, at least talk to them about it. Too many kids (even affluent ones) are being destroyed by the “dopamine hits” they get from the plague called “internet fame.” No one is immune from stupidity.

(PS – we have been using Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds for our laundry. Just 2 ml per load. Over 470 loads per quart. Comes out to just around $0.03 per load. Yes. Three cents per load.)

tide pods PSA - Tide Pods PSA

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