Drama sells

Drama sells (a lot more than you think)

It seems to me these days, that people love conflict. Or some kind of drama. Not particularly in their lives – but rather in the lives of others. Like the way, everyone slows down to “rubber-neck” when there is a car accident on the highway. But amplified 100x via instant social media. Yes. Drama sells. Drama sells attention spans without a doubt!

drama sells

It’s sickening, that drama curse (or virus)

Make no mistake – it’s a human being condition to thrive in conditions like this. Where everyone has “something to say” about a particular subject. Most often it’s some kind of “trending” or popular “news” subject. Typically it’s politics. Next is celebrity-based stupidity. Then there are the common “neighborhood” type instances, like some dispute or murder that gets people’s attention.

And that changes week to week and day to day. The “severity” of the circumstance dictates how long it remains “trending” in the eye of popular culture. (Think the “OJ Trial,” or similar major events in our history…)

The minute some new “breaking” event takes place, is the minute the majority “forgets” about the last thing they were blabbering about. But people thrive on drama, right?

Unplugging to re-connect with real life

Here’s a little bit of advice:

Disconnect ENTIRELY from all outside communications. Do it regularly. And consistently.

That means NOT engaging with email, social media, news, TV, radio, or any other “plugged-in” aspect of life other than your IMMEDIATE SURROUNDINGS.

We do this at least once a week. Where we often take an ENTIRE DAY (or more) – and never check anything. No computer. No cell phone. Nothing. Just the life we have around us. People. Pets. Responsibilities.

ZERO outside influence.

It’s incredible how great this feels. All your actions and influences are direct and immediate.

Some may say, “well how would you be informed if there was some kind of emergency situation?” Well, most often – you’ll find out soon enough if a tsunami wave was incoming. Almost all (real) “urgent” circumstances become well-known fairly quickly, right?

So no harm in unplugging from the drama-circuit for a day or two. Not in our minds at least.

worry because drama sells

Some people cannot disconnect. Not today. Not ever.

I guess the point of this editorial is to shed some light on why most of you cannot put it down.

“IT,” being the constant flow of information that comes from your internet-connected devices (cell, tablet, computer, etc.)

Now everyone can (and does) “comment” on every single last thing that is put out there. Everyone has to establish an opinion about everything.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Back in the day…

Let’s rewind a bit…

A long time ago – when something happened – most often it was “word of mouth,” or even better “eyewitness accounts” exclusively. Shit happened, and it usually stayed relatively close to the origin. Sure, over time, word of mouth would have propagated a circumstance (not necessarily accurately).

Then “news” came around. It propagated whatever the selective news outlet said. Yeah, there was some low-level static that may not have concurred – but for the most part, what the “news” said was considered by most people as “Fact.”

Then our internet sprung up. That created a web of problems. Literally.

This is why “fake news” is the big subject

“Fake news” is a very new subject for most people. However, fake news is not new by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s been proven time and time again, that what the “public” has been fed – has been false. This is the cornerstone of “false flag” type events. Bad things that supposedly happen in order to push some kind of agenda. I could list dozens – but I won’t even mention one. You all know at least a few notorious ones that you can speak about quite well.

All this history we all know – why do we still even give an ounce of credibility to those so-called news outlets anyway?

NEW news outlets

Thanks to our interwebs – new “news” outlets have emerged in a myriad of formats. YouTube, blogs, social media, to name just a few.

Now while I’m certain that more than a few of these “alternative” outlets have much more accurate information than the MSM, we run into a HUGE problem as a result.

There are now SO MANY different outlets, venues, channels to choose from – that the number of choices has become a problem in itself. One, because you cannot truly delve deep into the competence of each and every venue – and two, it becomes next to impossible to discern between the genuine and the fake. There are just too many.

However, “track record” does come into play.

“Fear porn” is one thing. But there are outlets that have proven to be quite accurate and on spot. It’s up to you to have the skills to differentiate.


Competing for attention spans

I suppose it boils down to who has the best overall apparatus to compete for the ever-dwindling attention span.

With millions of “apps,” and dozens of viable “social networks” out there – along with the countless “sources” of said information – it’s becoming a shit-show.

Sure, the big players of social media (FB, TW, INST, PINT, LI, G, YT, SC, WA, etc.) are all commanding massive audiences – it’s hard to say what others are gaining steam. Or who are trustworthy!


Why are people so susceptible?

Regardless of what we’re talking about here – it still boils down to: Why are the people so easily duped?

What is so addictive about this informational tidal wave? And why do so many people accept the headlines as fact?

Like I said earlier – it’s God Damn excellent to just unplug. We don’t feel like we’re missing anything (although some people in our life might feel otherwise). It’s awesome to not feel beholden or addicted to a device or service.

It kills me to see nearly every person of every demographic heads-down on their connected devices at all times. Really, it makes me feel sad inside. How some external apparatus or system has quickly overcome human society. Not sure anyone gets the feeling I feel.

It’s saddening how this tech has changed humanity so quickly – and with little resistance. Sort of the way a virus might do the same thing.

Indeed, I see people I respect saying “embrace or die” (or something along those lines.) But I don’t feel that way.

Because if everyone “embraced,” then you’d have no resistance left – and “they” could essentially do what they wish. You absolutely need to have dissenters in society – otherwise “independence” would be over.

I guess it’s up to the individual

The good thing is, that I’m not entirely alone. I know there are millions of folks that feel similarly. Maybe not in and around “progressive” cities like Hoboken, but that’s a story for another day.

Out of the (what, 350 million now?) Americans out there – we may be a 1% minority – but that’s still a lot of people that can see reality for what it is. Bad.

And just like telling a fat chick she shouldn’t gorge on Cheetos, it’s up to the individual to take steps towards improvement.

You cannot change people directly. They have to want the change for themselves, and on their own timeline. Not just because you said it.

fear because drama sells

Regardless – drama sells nothing to us

While it’s our job to watch other people – we’re luckily unsusceptible to any kind of random influence. Other than the disgust we feel when we witness victims of society mill around.

Each time I visit a Starbucks- and see 95% of the people heads-down in their digital world – I just feel kind of bad.

Bad because of how society today is influenced. And how almost everyone is almost following an amazing script to a tee.

Sit in any of these places for a few hours with just your eyes (and your coffee of course), and tell me what you see. Look at everyone, and see how they act. Think about it for a bit, and get back to us. It’s important to understand.

Lastly – things have changed

As someone who has been “online” since “online” has existed – I ABSOLUTELY have witnessed a change in the information that is being given to us.

Just a few years ago – you’d get GOOD search results.

Today – the search results are 100% suspect. You can’t find anything real anymore. It’s all crap. I don’t know a better way to say this. The search results we get these days – are totally suspicious. It’s clear as day that search results are easily and regularly manipulated. Often times TEN PAGES DEEP. They know hardly anyone digs that deep anymore.

You really need to search your OWN brain and OWN life to understand stuff these days. Consider yourself lucky if you got in on the good years!

No new information is propagating anymore. It seems as if it has stopped. That, along with the fact no one knows how to create a website anymore – and they stampede over to social media. Another sign we’re fucking doomed.

Look around. Then do it again. And again. And again. Do you see what I see?

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