Parking Meter Money Machines

2/11/2009 Update:

Extra moolah for city, less for you

Back in August, the city discussed new parking meters throughout the city (see that update after the jump.)

This week, they installed about 75 meters along Sinatra Drive (my estimation & rough counting +/- 5 meters). Additionally, they removed about 10 or so spaces along the turns to make the street a bit safer.

Meters are 25 cents per 15 minutes, and I believe they run from 9am to 9pm.

How much will Sinatra Drive net the city?

OK, $1 per hour per meter. That’s $75 per hour for 12 hours a day. $900 a day. If they collect 7 days a week, that’s over $325,000 per year in quarters!

Additionally, how many drivers do you think will get busted for overtime on the meters? 10%? If so – let’s say eight cars get ticketed daily (probably more). I forget the current fine.. $35? That’s another $110,000 per year – most likely more.

So the city just inconvenienced residents, and is almost half a million dollars richer. The privilege of living in Hoboken, right?



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(More parking meters for Hoboken, continued…)


Submitted for your approval: a Mayor who spends money faster than he can collect it joins with a Parking Utility chief who contracted with a mob connected quarter counting company that “misplaced” hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their task: squeeze millions more from the citizens of Hoboken, their friends and family. Their weapon of choice: Hundreds of new parking meters lining streets as far as the eye can see.

This is not the Twilight Zone. This is Hoboken. This is more money out of your pocket. As part of the continued effort to hide Mayor David Roberts’ overspending and change the subject from the “Missing Million” at the HPU, Roberts and his parking czar John Corea want the City Council to let them put tons of new meters in areas now reserved for Hoboken residents. But they have to get past the City Council first.


Where the new meters would go

The ordinance placed on the agenda by Roberts and Corea starts with a sore spot from the past. A few years ago around Christmas, Corea tried to get the council to change Vezzetti Way (the two sided parking street between Observer Highway and the NJ Transit yards) from open parking to metered parking when few were around to fight it. First Ward councilwoman Theresa Castellano cried foul, and the council actually took it a step in the opposite direction: they made Vezzetti Way Resident Permit Parking Only. Now Corea is again trying to take Vezzetti Way away from the people (ironic since the late Mayor Tom Vezzetti was a man of the people) and much more.

This time Vezzetti Way is only the beginning of the Roberts/Corea plan for new meters, which includes 9am to 9pm $0.25 per 15 minute parking on:

  • Vezzetti Way, Washington to Henderson (both sides)
  • 2nd Street from Harrison to Marshall (both sides)
  • Hudson Street from 14th to 15th (both sides)
  • Washington Street from 8th to 14th (west side)
  • Monroe Street from 7th to 11th (west side)
  • Harrison from 1st to 3rd (west side)
  • Jackson Street from 8th to 9th (east side)
  • River Terrace from 5th to 7th (east side)
  • Sinatra Drive from 5th Street to the end (east side)
  • 5th Street from Hudson to Sinatra (north side)
  • 15th Street from Sinatra to Bloomfield (south side)

No, there aren’t any meters proposed for Hudson between 6th and 7th where the Mayor lives (and is picked up by his taxpayer-paid driver each day) or up on Castle Point Terrace where Corea and Tax Collector Louis Picardo hold court.

But wait, there’s more…

As it stands now, any Hoboken resident can park in any non-metered spot for free at any time, and non-residents can park for up to four hours on one side of every street. So, if someone comes to visit or makes a delivery they can legally park as close to you as possible. Now, Roberts and Corea want to take that away as well. This ordinance would make it an illegal act for your friends and family to park on many streets. It also makes drivers who park cars and trucks on many blocks in the city outlaws for parking and delivering your dinner, supermarket order, furniture, or whatever else you get dropped off. The following streets would go from half Permit Only/half 4-hour limit to Permit Only on both sides of the street:

  • Garden Street from Observer to 3rd
  • Grand Street from Observer to 3rd
  • Jackson Street from 1st to 3rd
  • Madison Street from 7th to 11th
  • Monroe Street from 7th to 11th

The following would become Permit Only on one side with New Meters on the other:

  • Washington Street from 8th to 14th
  • 5th Street from Hudson to River

Watch for Corea and Roberts to claim these changes will bring millions in new revenue with little or no impact on residents. Don’t hold your breath for either of them to address the HPU’s missing money, or the ongoing State Police investigation. The ordinance is on the agenda for “First Reading” tonight. If five members of the council agree it will come up for a Public Hearing and Final Vote at a future meeting.

If it passes, watch for a lot more meters, many more boots and tickets, and more quarters for the HPU to help hide the bottomless pit that is the Hoboken budget.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009 8:37 pm

The quarters must go….technology today will stop the “walking quarters” and give instant accounting with increased revenues. With our tax ratables Hoboken should be first in services and efficiency.. ❗

Thursday, February 12, 2009 12:29 pm

My understanding was that these new meters would only be in effect until 6pm, so that residents could park there free of charge after work. Is that no longer the case?

Thursday, February 12, 2009 11:45 am

[quote comment=”135621″]I wonder how much more $ the city takes in by not posting what hours the meters are in effect. Enforcement hours should be on or near the meters. Simple communication from the HPU would be nice. What’s up with that?[/quote]

isn’t it on the meters? I’ve always seen it on them, do some not have it?

Thursday, February 12, 2009 11:27 am

I wonder how much more $ the city takes in by not posting what hours the meters are in effect. Enforcement hours should be on or near the meters. Simple communication from the HPU would be nice. What’s up with that?

Thursday, February 12, 2009 11:24 am

[quote comment=”99297″]i love how instead of asking questions you just assume and create positions and thoughts for people. to address your assumptions….i personally don’t care about parking in hoboken. I think there should be residential spots, possible only residential spots unless there are businesses nearby. but since there is no way to guarantee parking for all the residents on a block short of building a free parking garage on many blocks, some people are gonna get screwed no matter what. i’d like the city to do more to make it easier to commute places. my assumption is most people who own cars in hoboken need them for work. so maybe the city should look into where those people travel to and see what other options there are. this might help reduce the need for cars. it’s just a thought. but parking will always be a problem here until more people give up their cars.[/quote] Okay – so am I getting this right……b/c parking is tough now, you are indifferent to how much tougher it gets in the future b/c of the actions of the city? I bet if you were one of the several thousand city residents impacted by the loss of a couple hundred or more parking spots, you would be singing a different tune. And parking will absolutely be more of a problem if you take away spots that are currently being used by residents. And many of these spots are not near garages that have available or… Read more »

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