Hoboken Movie Lineup – 1.19.2018

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Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie Times - Hoboken Movie Lineup - 1.19.2018Opening at area theaters now (and probably not in Hoboken) is a film called The Road Movie. Yep. A full-length movie using clips from Russian dash-cams.

“A mosaic of asphalt adventures, landscape photography, and some of the craziest shit you’ve ever seen, Dmitrii Kalashnikov’s THE ROAD MOVIE is a stunning compilation of video footage shot exclusively via the deluge of dashboard cameras that populate Russian roads. The epitome of a you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it documentary, THE ROAD MOVIE captures a wide range of spectacles through the windshield-including a comet crashing down to Earth, an epic forest fire, and no shortage of angry motorists taking road rage to wholly new and unexpected levels-all accompanied by bemused commentary from unseen and often stoic drivers and passengers.”

Shoot, this is probably much more entertaining than 99.9% of the garbage that “Hollywood” puts out. I’m sure you can find a free stream of this somewhere online!

(Current new movies that might be playing in Hoboken below.)

The Road Movie Poster Hoboken NJ 720x371 - Hoboken Movie Lineup - 1.19.2018

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