THE “FAKE NEWS” Frankenstein TURNS on CNN

THE “FAKE NEWS” Frankenstein TURNS on CNN

Anyone that is “attached” in any way to the MSM (mainstream news) ought to watch this first – and open their minds to exactly how this global “narrative” is being pushed, and more importantly, by whom. In addition, another helpful trick is to follow the dotted lines backward to find out the reason why we have these “outlets” peddling what most people take (without critical thinking), as “truth.”

When you see how many layers deep it goes – and the fact that it’s quite difficult to get to the TRUE “bottom” of this cesspool of misinformation within our society – you can become dismayed.

This is one of the major reasons why it’s important to unplug as much as you can. Focus on real things. Real people. And real relationships first and foremost. Keep this clutter out of your life. Recruit others if you can! And subscribe to Black Pigeon Speaks for the truth about the world!

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