Drill, drill, drill!

Drill, drill, drill!

The whole offshore oil drilling “debate” that has been going on for decades has to stop. And we need to drill, drill, drill!

“Environmentalists” are horrible people. None of them know what they’re talking about. Always “fighting” for some kind of stupid cause.

Protect the animals!
Keep our shores safe!
Clean water!

But what happens is not such a big deal, is it?

offshore drilling USA

Accidents happen

Sure, there have been a few offshore oil rig accidents in the past. But when you look at the big picture, the earth is fine! Everything works itself out eventually.

The benefits outweigh the risks, wouldn’t you say?

And what do all these environmentalists do when something much worse happens?

Like a massive volcano eruption? All the pollution and death that is caused by that NATURAL PHENOMENON?

Since they can’t “ban” volcanos, or take political sides – there is NOTHING they can do – except look like retarded hypocrites.

We need to drill to reduce dependency on foreign oil. Lower energy prices here at home. And take advantage of the natural resources God has given us. Instead of splitting hairs and fighting over something that is no big deal at all.

Sheesh. George Carlin said it best:

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