Tribal Lunacy

Tribal Lunacy

Below is an interesting take on the how “tribes” or groups of people work – or work against themselves over time. Hence, “tribal lunacy.” Fascinating.

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By Zman

The flood of Muslims into European cities has brought with it all the things we have come to associate with modern Islam. The new arrivals are assaulting Jews, beating up homosexuals and harassing women in western dress. What’s interesting about this is Jews in Europe have been the biggest supporters of open borders and allowing so-called refugees to come into Europe. This raises the prospect that European Jewish leaders are insane.

The general view on the alt-right is that Jews are clannish and they put the interests of Jews above all else. You hear that all the time from alt-right people when they talk about current events. They rely heavily on Kevin McDonald’s work to create a framework in which Jews are a super clever, alien group that seeks to undermine the majority population in order to benefit the Tribe. They can make a compelling case, as long as they leave out big slabs of observable reality, like European Jews supporting the Muslim invasion.

In America, the obvious smart play for Jews is to oppose immigration and support nationalists and populist causes. American nationalism has always celebrated the fact that the population is a mix of people from the Old World. Therefore, it is soul and soil nationalism, rather than blood and soil. This works to the benefit of highly successful ethic groups like Jews and Asians. Yet, the greatest opponents of even a very mild form of American nationalism are Jews. Many are nakedly un-American.

If the alt-right could conjure bogeymen to go around social media, as examples of the great nemesis facing white people, they could do no worse than someone like Jonathan Weisman, or any of the neocon nutters. These people are straight out of alt-right central casting. The only thing they don’t do is post pics of themselves, rubbing their hands together. The impression they give is that they know it and they are deliberately playing this role in the hope of conjuring a response, so they can be victims, like great grandpa.

The self-destructive instinct is most obvious when it comes to Trump. No president has been as pro-Israel and pro-Jewish as Trump. He has literally married his daughter into the Tribe and embraced his son-in-law as a son and close adviser. His business partners are mostly Jewish and his chief business adviser is Jewish. It is not possible for a President to be better for Jews, but Trump’s loudest and most enthusiastic antagonists are all Jewish. They even accuse him of being an anti-Semite and white nationalist.

Of course, much of this lunacy has its roots in the Russia lunacy. The “Russian Hacking” nonsense hit the g-spot of the neocons and NeverTrump loons, who have a deep paranoia about Russia. For reasons that defy easy explanation, the neocons are convinced that Tsar Alexander III has been reincarnated as Vladimir Putin and he is about to initiate pogroms against Jews in America. Therefore the only way to prevent this is to restart the Cold War and maybe initiate a nuclear exchange with Russia.

Way back in 2017 Steve Sailer had a go at explaining this stuff in a Taki post. He covers a lot of familiar ground, if you are a Sailer fan, but it is an interesting read nonetheless. His point is that Jewish paranoia may simply be the result of success. Jews in America have come to dominate the culture. As the new ruling class, they are naturally anxious to retain their position. Sailer also makes the case that the weapons of multiculturalism used by Jews in the 20th century could easily be turned on them, hence the bizarre paranoia.

The thing is, most Jews are not anywhere near as crazy as Max Boot or Bill Kristol. In fact, there is a decent sized wing of the Tribe that views this stuff the same way as everyone else views it. Paul Gottfried has been working this side of the street for decades. Go to a Mencken event and the room will be full of Jews highly critical of neocons and paranoid Jewish intellectuals. The madness we see on display from prominent Jewish leaders does seem to be exclusive to the most successful Jews.

Maybe the answer is that in addition to getting high levels of numeracy and literacy, elite Jews also come equipped with high levels of tribal paranoia. So much so that they begin to sound like paranoid schizophrenics once they reach the highest ranks of society. This would explain why Jewish leaders in Europe support the importation of Muslims. They are so paranoid about the locals, they are blinded by the threat of Islam. Similarly, American Jews who reach the top are sure Richard Spencer is hiding under their bed.

Alternatively, maybe the self-ghettoizing instinct is the result of tribalism in an open society. For centuries, clannishness was a great survival mechanism for Jews in Europe, as it allowed them to survive as a distinct population on the fringes of society. In America, where barriers to success are minimum, clannishness is not all that useful and a detriment to the ambitious and capable. Perhaps in an open society, clannishness mutates into a paranoia. After all, many of these people are also anti-Jewish.

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