In the Female Mind, Everything is Someone Else’s Fault

In the Female Mind, Everything is Someone Else’s Fault

[411 Note: Spot on. Watch out for these signs within your circle…]


by Relampago Furioso

Another adventure into the dark and dangerous forest known as the female mind

If you keep a woman around long enough, you’ll begin to notice that every problem she has ever had or currently has in her life is someone else’s fault. Women literally believe they are blameless for their own decisions and should be rendered free of any consequences their shit-poor decisions might cause.

This conundrum is yet another unfortunate reality created by the rationalization hamster. Here are just a few examples of how the causality loop gets reversed when it comes to taking blame:

  • Woman leaves iPhone on the bed where her child can easily get it. The child then proceeds to break the iPhone. She says to her Beta Bucks boyfriend: “Why didn’t you stop the baby from destroying my phone?!” Predictably, she remains totally oblivious to the fact it’s not wise to leave her iPhone where a baby can get his or her hands on it. Of course, Beta Bucks guy will be expected to quickly “fix” the problem by buying her a new iPhone, being sure to not criticize her poor decision-making skills.
  • Woman refuses to put gas in the tank of her car, then gets upset when it won’t start. She calls utility object/boyfriend/husband in for assistance, who quickly discovers the gas tank is drier than the Sahara Desert. “This thing uses too much gas!” is her excuse. It’s the car’s fault she didn’t put gas in it.
  • Woman chooses the YouGoGrrl path in life, only to discover it leaves her bankrupt, barren, and caring for cats in her old age. Why, that must be the patriarchy’s fault her life turned into a mess, rather than the consequence of allowing herself to be led around like a kitten chasing a laser pointer by Marxist social engineers.
  • Women can’t get dates because they blindly start following the #MeToo bandwagon. Why, it’s men’s fault for not “manning up” rather than their own fault for being willing sheep led to slaughter by feminist shepherds, and men are “wrong” for making a rational decision not to tango with hos that can destroy their lives, even decades later, with a single made-up sex charge.

The topic of women rendering themselves blameless isn’t discussed as often as it should be in the manosphere, so inexperienced men can be forewarned of one of the many consequences of dealing with them. However, a bodybuilding forum did broach the subject:

Never in my life have I ever heard a girl even be open to the possibility that they did something wrong. If it ever seems like something was their fault it was because reason x and y MADE them do it.

Yeah, neither have I. It’s always someone else’s fault, or “someone made me do it” type nonsense. Here’s an interesting reply to this thread, proving solipsism runs deep in the female:

My ex told me after an argument once that she would argue with me even though she knew she was wrong just so she wouldn’t have to admit fault. Very childish behavior. This seems to be how a lot of woman act. Even my mother acted like this when i was growing up. It’s a very frustrating and confusing thing to deal with.

And of course, where would any discussion about women be without the “victim mentality” they harbor:

There’s a reason why its called “being a MAN” when u take responsibility for your actions.

We are the natural born leaders of both genders, which means we make the major decisions – and thus if we make mistakes, we are held accountable, not the woman. This is evident anywhere from caveman times to today. Look at the marriages that have lasted over 40+ years…the man is the major decision maker.

I do dislike the overall “victim” mentality, as we are talking about girls who will make themselves feel sorry and others feel sorry for them when they don’t deserve it. This is different from taking responsibility.

It goes without saying it’s very easy for unscrupulous business and G-men to take advantage of women by sympathizing with their perceived “victim” status, then selling them either products or Socialist legislation as a result of this quirk of female psychology. A woman and a television or a woman and a smartphone and a voting booth are a dangerous combination for that reason.

Women’s preference to label themselves eternal victims is so obvious it rises to a self-evident truth. How else does one explain feminism’s effectiveness at turning every woman in Anglo America into a “victim” of the patriarchy, which in reality was a social construct that provided for them, protected them, and created the most prosperous civilization ever seen on planet earth for their benefit?

Incidentally, women are especially evasive with blame when it comes to the topic of infidelity, or providing reasons why their past relationships failed during dinnerviews, when they’re interviewing a potential man slave. Of course, a breakup or infidelity is always her ex’s fault.

Inside the mind of a creature that thinks it is perfect, jumping on another man’s erect penis happened not because she’s a cheating whore, but because one time 2 years ago her loyal boyfriend made some slight against her. (Related: Make no mistake, women keep a running tab of every slip-up or slight you’ve ever made against them running in their mind, usually with time and date stamps to go along with the story.)

So, just know going into any relationshit anything that ever happens will become your fault once your new master twists causality to fit her preconceptions. Or, it will be someone else’s fault, or an inanimate object’s fault. Your “perfect” (in her own mind) girlfriend is incapable of admitting fault, proving Schopenhauer’s thesis right: women represent an intermediate stage between child and man in the human species.

Aristotle also had something to say about this subject: The male, unless constituted in some respect contrary to nature, is by nature more expert at leading than the female. Putting women in charge is a surefire recipe for total disaster.

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