The Millennial Question

The Millennial Question

As a “Gen X’er” here at Hoboken411, we’ve been a bit harsh on the millennial generation. We’ve pointed fingers at technology, cell phones (and social media) as primary culprits. All partially true, actually. But Simon Sinek gives a GREAT talk about other contributing factors to the horrible things that have happened to practically an entire generation (or more) of people. That is the millennial question.

You should subscribe to this guy. The points he makes, mirror our sentiments nearly 100% (except taking photos of your food. Sorry, food porn is just a human sickness, and is akin to narcissism just as he talks about.)

The most important points he makes – are the “little” interactions between people that are now gone due to selfish needs to “check” your phones. Man oh man, that is huge. And I see it growing worse by the day.

This is worth you 15 minute – even if it’s just singing to the choir. Good to hear new ways of delivering positive messages. Helps in every way.

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