Get that song out of my head! (1/5)

Get that song out of my head!

Continuing our “Get that song out of my head!” feature – which is stunting our productivity!

GET THAT SONG OUT OF MY HEAD NOWToday’s entry is once again another YES song.

How many of you know the song “Roundabout?”

It’s long, complex, and invigorating.

We’ve been learning how to play various organ arrangements on our digital piano at home. It’s fun to do.

FYI – it’s hard as hell to play the bassline, along with the organ by yourself. I truly believe that it takes a special person to do that. Which is why they need at least two people to perform that!

Take a look at this video – and think about the musical genius behind this piece. Do you find such rich composition in today’s music? Yeah? Where?

(PS – I miss Chris Squire – who passed a few years ago. He was the only member of YES to perform on every album and concert before he died. Musical genius.)

About “Get that song out of my head!”

A look at various songs that have the tendency for some people to get stuck in your head. Get that song out of my head is our way of forcing it out of our head, by all means necessary (until a new one comes around out of the blue).

YES roundabout geddy lee

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