The dark side of women tech groups

The dark side of women tech groups

marlene jaeckel Polygot - The dark side of women tech groups

Marlene Jaeckel

Below is a video from Marlene Jaeckel, co-founder of Polyglot Programming. A tech group that happens to have a woman co-founder. Thus, the dark side of women tech groups…

I could easily write a 5,000 word editorial about this – but you should listen to this video as a standalone viewpoint as to what is wrong in the world today.

Despite being a “tech woman,” Ms. Jaeckel was ostracized in a bad way. And for not one single legitimate reason.

This single occurrence provides a wealth of insight into how screwed up society is as we lead into 2018.

It’s a strong signal that none of you (us) should ever get involved in divisive “groups” who are struggling for power like this (i.e., women, gender, race, etc.) Because beyond the label they like to wear (women, gays, minorities, etc.), their underlying core has deeper meanings (and usually liberal, heavy left-leaning objectives).

They will “eat their own” at the drop of a dime. Which always instantly destroys their publicized M.O., and reveals their true intentions every time.

On that thought…

PS – two other thoughts.

  1. One, they probably “outed” Marlene partially because she’s attractive. Fat feminists are almost always threatened by women who are highly attractive to successful, fit men. That had to be at least half of the reason.
  2. Secondly – I have no issue with women participating in ANY field they so choose, it is my deep belief that women (once they have children), should be MOTHERS 100% of the time. I was raised by a full-time mom, and that was the way it was always done. However, single-income families are very rare these days (we believe by design). It’s next to impossible to have a single-income family today. And while I do applaud people who break barriers, or “glass ceilings,” which is the trending phrase these days – there is something biologically unarguable that is being swept under the rug. Make Families Great Again, please!

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