Life without social media

Life without social media

We’re going to go down a path – a path you haven’t been on in a long while. It’s like you’re in a twilight zone. Life without social media.

Hoboken411 lives their life without social media

(While I have “auto-posting” capability on this (almost) 13-year-old website), I personally almost never enter the social media sphere.


Why? Because I want my life to be MY life.

life without social media - Life without social media

But how is social media different than the “sites” you read?

Great question, for those bright enough to answer.

Having a list of sources or “sites” that you read – might not appear to be different than “information” that flows into your timeline via social media – but it is.

life without social media overkill - Life without social mediaIt is very different.

For one – choosing your own sources is important (you cannot choose what your “friends” do or do not decide to post to your timeline.)

While you cannot “choose” what your sources of “news” post to their publications – you can weed out sites that are not up to par.

The subtlety of the differences between sources and human contacts is thin. Everyone has objectives, indoctrination, and other reasons for why “they are the way they are.” Human nature.

However, when you have 1,000 so-called “friends” on ANY social media platform – you’re in for a shit-storm of trouble (as well as a new set of friends – because if you cannot keep your opinions quiet – many of your friends will actually “de-friend” you!)

So tell us about your life without social media? Is it dead?

No. It’s not dead. It’s more alive than you’ll ever realize – because all of you are heads down on your stupid fucking phones!

Us? We’re HEAD’S UP with the rest of the (real) world. While much of that time is composed of watching other people heads-down on their phones – that gives us the upper hand. Bigly.

While I do not exactly know what the majority of the populous is actually doing on their phones (most of the time it’s social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), I do know one thing for sure. They are NOT looking around themselves much.

When I go ANYWHERE public – I’m like they say in The Art of Manliness – When it comes to being a Family VIP. I scope the area. Find emergency exits. Examine others around me. I’m always prepared to handle shit quickly and efficiently. Like a Navy Seal.

You have to be that way in most public environments (if you want to have the best chances of surviving some stupid event).

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Why our lives feel better without social media

I didn’t go on about much in the previous passage. But living WITHOUT the (digital) social interaction is a major-league benefit to us (and anyone else who chooses the same path).

While “interaction” with others may seem fulfilling, it’s horrible when it’s in the terrible digital medium. So hollow! Soulless!

We’ve trimmed our friend’s list to near ZERO. Email maybe, but only a few times a year.

When I leave the apartment – my eyes are mine. I do not think about posting things on Twitter, Facebook or other stupid sites like Instagram or Pinterest. I just live my life! Hardly ANY of you can understand how good that feels anymore.

We do not need (or have ever needed) to document our lives for other people to “react” to. In fact – NONE of any you who are reading this know anything about my life. That, alone, is fantastic.

I am private.


In the end, social media with destroy you

Who really needs to “keep up” with all that nonsense you’ve voluntarily engaged in?


Political opinions, social memes, nonsensical shit left and right. What the fuck? And why?

All that crap “out there” is just that – CRAP. What is important in your life? I mean, really – what is the most important? Having an income stream. A good family. Good objectives. Good ideals. Quality at home. A future plan. Happy times. All of that can be achieved without the social media and interwebs interfering.

However, I watch (with disdain) the power of the interwebs infecting so many people around me – it’s nauseating. Everyone think’s they’re getting ahead in some grand way. But I don’t see that. I see people getting sucked into a web.

Go to any Starbucks in the NYC Tri-State area. Spend an hour there. See what I’m saying.

Think about humanity – and how people learn, communicate, and so on. How does this marvelous technology help? How does it hurt? Those answers will lead you to better places.

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