Why SantaCon (or anything else) should never be “banned.”

Why SantaCon (or anything else) should never be “banned.”

Now that the majority of “major” holidays (drinking ones at least) have passed by – it’s a good time to talk about why SantaCon (or anything else) should never be “banned.”

It kills me just to have to speak out about it. What asshole politicians have the right the even think about “banning” freedom of movement or organized happy events?

So what a few people had too much to drink?

That’s akin to BANNING football games because of the number of arrests or disorderly people (due to – guess what – BOOZE!)

All the dotted lines lead to something like prohibition.

so what hot chicks in santacon outfits 2

Facts: Hoboken is alcohol-centric

I’ll play devil’s advocate for a minute here.

Let’s say Hoboken (and the corrupt politicians) choose to TRY and ban organized events. They’re creating a slippery slope of precedents that will snowball out of control.

I don’t care how many drunks stumble around. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. Heck, on a perfect spring or summer weekend – Hoboken often becomes “full tilt” with revelers who simply want to get smashed and stupid just because the weather is great!

Does that mean you “ban” bars from opening on nice days?

See my point?

Whether it’s an “organized” event – or an organic happening (like nice weather) – you can’t (and shouldn’t try to) control the gathering of people. Not at least while you’ve made selling alcohol LEGAL for all the bars and restaurants.

It sickens me that these bobble-headed politicians attempt to try and control society – while at the same time allow for such degenerative substances to be sold.

“Hey, we love the revenue – but not the drawbacks and potential problems.”

Shoot – it’s so simple. You cannot band-aid this circumstance (morally at least). And you can’t reap the benefits – and try to control nature at the same time.

If you allow the booze – then be prepared for the consequences. Otherwise – just ban everything and send Hoboken further down the shit hole.

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You can’t ban freedom of choice

Let’s say these a-hole politicians find a way, (via some legal loophole) that punishes bar owners for trying to make a buck.

Guess what – they’ll figure out yet another way around it.

They banned the St. Paddy’s Day parade. What happened? “LepreCon!”

If they try to ban “SantaCon,” they’ll figure out a way around it. Some “social media influencer” will then organize something (“not connected to bar owners” – at least not on the surface), and big parties and events will happen even with the attempted ban.

You can’t ban people from organizing and having a good time. It will fail – and more likely – become even WORSE the more they try to meddle with free will. That is how bodies of people work.

Tip for Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla – GIVE UP NOW. You’re only going to have egg (is that against your religion?) on your face!

Rather than trying to forcefully control human beings – figure out a better way to temper the bad things that happen. Work WITH the alcohol-serving establishments rather than THREATEN them.

There are ways to minimize the problems, but there are certainly no guarantees. People don’t NEED bars to get drunk. They can stock up on booze from local liquor stores days, weeks, and months prior to any major organized event. So in essence, many of these people will get liquored up IN THE PRIVACY OF INDIVIDUAL LIVING DWELLINGS. Just like what happened when they tried to change the bar opening hours from 6am to 11am. Folks just got lit up at home – and probably much worse!

In the end, the government will screw it up

They don’t consider the possibilities. They rarely do.

The more you try to corner or control or manipulate people – the more crafty and creative they get.

It’s a bad idea.

And while financial or legal threats carry some weight – it doesn’t take long to find a way around them.

I kind of hope Hoboken tries in full earnest to “put an end” to SantaCon and the like. Because it’ll be fun to see what develops as a result.

You know it won’t turn out well one way or another. Some politician would probably get run over by a car.

Kharma is a bitch sometimes.

you can't ban santacon in Hoboken NJ

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