Happiness – is what?

Happiness – is what?

Today is the day after Christmas 2017. Most folks out there are either playing with their “new” tech toys (the same as the did the day after Christmas for the last 20 years – so easy they forget…) Many are also “back at work.” And now is a perfect time to self-reflect on what happiness means to any of you.

Below is yet another spot-on video from animator Steve Cutts. We’ve profiled him in the past (video).

This video accurately portrays life (and the quest for the holy grail) in a nutshell for most folks who don’t see the big picture. Something to think about as you bitch about your commute or shitty job.

happiness steve cutts 720x366 - Happiness - is what?

(PS – Happiness isn’t always what you think it is – depending on your perspective.)

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017 10:21 pm

I love the videos this guy makes. He sees the writing on the wall, but doesn’t quite get it. Yet.

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