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It’s my belief that rescued dogs usually make the most loyal and loving dogs you can ever own (compared to trendy “boutique” dogs).

Many unwanted dogs can find fabulous and loving homes for the rest of their lives. From professional dog walkers such as Arturo Amaya (from What’s Up Dog? – who just rescued one of over five dogs he’s saved), to my dog Oscar – who was rescued from Manhattan, to Chris Meyerink, who gave a home to Adelaide (fka MJ), one of the many dogs that were mentioned on Hoboken411.

Speaking of Chris Meyerink, he’s encouraging all animal lovers to sponsor him and Mary Kelly to help support the Liberty Humane Society:


Please Support Us

As many of you know Adelaide came to us (after we saw her on – the premier source of local news) as a foster dog for a one night stay – that was four months ago. She’s here to stay. Neither of us can imagine a day without her. She is a mixed breed dog, we are almost sure that she is a Rhodesian RidgebackPitbull. As my mother put it: “Keep that dog away from kids, those are dangerous breeds….” Not! Two of the most loyal breeds!

Adelaide (which means nobel and kind) loves kids, adults, and small little fuzzy white dogs. Her best friend right now is Jake, a Pug (owned by the folks that run Biancamano’s Deli in Hoboken (unbelievable sandwiches!) Watching this Mutt & Jeff run together is hysterical! She might not know how big she is but she seems to understand than Jake is an 1/8th her size. (411 Editorial Note: Addy and Oscar love each other too, with crazy fun wrestling at the park and more! But I guess they don’t “see each other” that often, and aren’t considered an “item”) We have been very lucky as not only is she cute, but has a personality to back it up! Those of you that have met her know not to ask for a kiss as you will get more than one!

Go to the fundraising page to donate and read more!

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Great cause!


Don’t muck up a good cause by including the worst dog walker (Arturo) in Hoboken in your post. You would think that with the number of people that have complained about him that you would quit pimping his name. I feel a need to follow up your posts about this guy with a real life experience. It is absolutely unacceptable for a dog walker to leave a dog without feeding or walking for an entire day. On top of that, he took the money! There are many good dog walkers in Hoboken, don’t waste your time with this guy. It’s not worth taking a chance…


Another great way to support would be to attend their largest yearly fundraiser – Bark in the Park. This year it is scheduled for Sept. 21 from 11-3 at Liberty State Park. Besides being outside with the pups, there are a lot of shops, exhibitions, races, etc set up. I have been going for the past two years and it’s alot of fun.