Weather is over

Weather is over

Back when we started in 2006 – “weather” was a fairly regular topic. From flooding storms, and other truly LOCAL events that affected readers. We took pride in it – because we had access to weather tools that most people were unaware of. Today? The weather is over these days – beyond belief.

It used to be only MSM

As recent as the 90’s to early 2000’s – “weather,” as we know it – was limited to MSM outlets like your evening news. That, plus the hardly-watched “weather channel.” Sure, some weather nerds like us “knew” better than those bobble-heads on TV, but we had no outlet other than our direct circle of acquaintances to spread better information.

When we created Hoboken411 back in 2005, and launched in April of 2006 – we immediately gained a large following due to the timing of our launch. No Fakebook or Twatter. Other Hoboken sites were ill-managed. And we sporadically talked about the weather. Which garnered tons of traffic. Why? Because no other alternative outlet talked about weather possibilities outside of what was the official “forecast.”

Network TV had two minutes to discuss the weather. And they told you what they “thought” would happen. They didn’t have the ability to tell you about OTHER possible outcomes. That’s what we did – and we were often much more accurate than those dopes on TV. It became an interesting topic.

weather is over

It was fun for a while

For maybe a couple years – it was rather fun to be the site that talked about the weather in Hoboken above and beyond what was available elsewhere. Radar shots and Flooding photos. All that and a bag of chips.

But then something happened.

Everyone became “aware” of the weather. For better or worse.

Too many chefs in the kitchen – weather-wise

As the internet, social media, and app-store craze BLEW UP, it created a new trend of “weather aficionados.” Who, in the past few years, took to social media to promote their brand.

As expected – you all of a sudden had all sorts of channels and personalities that focused solely on “weather” in a particular area. That is what happens with social media. You get all sorts of niches of various special interests. (Along with the “fear porn” style (over) hype that accompanies it.)

But something happened – because of too many chefs in the kitchen

As the cliche properly expounds – when you have too many chefs in the kitchen – the food becomes inconsistent. Due to the battling egos and ideas creating the output. Whether it’s the whole “first” curse, or like we said before – “fear porn” ruffling feathers and getting people riled up.

The same can be said about information propagation in the wild west of the internet (especially social media).

All of a sudden – everyone can access all the weather models, maps, and predictions. And they all believe one is truer than the other.

They’re just maps and projections. Nothing more. All based on computer models. These weather networks have even created “90-day” forecasts. I could employ a monkey with bananas and a dart board and have an equal chance at getting the same accuracy.

It’s funny – that most of the time, weather aficionados typically root for the models that “SLAM” their area more than others. Seems odd, as no one should truly WANT any bad weather at their own house – but most of the weather geeks LOVE that. So never take a weather GEEK’S advice seriously.

Twitter forecasters

Part of those “chefs” include Twitter forecasters. Many people subscribe, because they’re dumb.

But those early Twitter peeps were not dumb. They figured out a way to create a following based on interest (and due to the slow disconnection from MSM…)

And that is part of the reason why we’re not going to engage in sharing weather information anymore. While we know a lot more about weather data than 99% of the rest of you – your allegiance towards Twitter idiots is enough for us to pull the plug. Take advice at your own peril, lemmings! We’ll keep our info to ourselves from now on.

They’re wrong most of the time

(Hint: “FIRST!”)

Almost all of the social media forecasters LOVE posting “gloom and doom” forecasts (for clicks and attention).

Whether it’s hurricane tracks, storm surge maps, or snowfall maps – they get their rocks off on MAXIMUM impact. “Oooh, it’s so scary!”

Most of them get it wrong 100% of the time. Why? Because it’s not profitable to sell “average” news.

And almost always, they love propagating the WORST CASE SCENARIO instead of what is deemed to “most likely” scenario. It’s human nature to peddle the horror instead of the likely.


Why we’re done

We’ve lived through countless storms. Blizzards. And so on.

Each season brings different possibilities.

  • Winter has their inconvenient snow events (drive slower).
  • Spring has not much, but maybe some strong rains.
  • Summer has it’s torrential thunderstorms (fun with the right person).
  • And Fall has not much other than a late-season nor’easter along with the changing of the leaves.

Most people used to just know that.

Today? Everything is overly dramatic. Like “Arctic Blast!,” or “Storms Slam!,” and so on.

We’ll never talk about the ordinary weather again on this site – unless it’s an epic blizzard, very rare hurricane, or other out of the ordinary event. Other than that – watch you summer storm cells carefully – especially if you park in flood zones!

And for those who “react” to every weather post in your stupid-ass feed – re-think what you’re doing.

Is that info truly helping? Or has it just complicated your life even more?

You can understand your weather impacts in less than 30 seconds per day or week. What can you do with the time you’ve saved?


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So right. Someone sent me a social media post that said we were having a 1,000 year blizzard next week. People need to find better ways to spend their time.