Best Jury Duty Story EVER!

Best Jury Duty Story EVER!

Jury duty sucks. Most places you live. But in Hudson County, it sucks beyond belief – because they almost ALWAYS keep you the full two days. But do you want to hear the best jury duty story ever?

Not to make any of you jealous… but.

We had “Jury Duty” earlier this month. I actually had it re-scheduled from earlier this past spring.

I was dreading it beyond belief. The fact that you can get fined or caged for not attending, and that they say “you’re FREE to go” afterward, never sounds like a pleasant experience. I remember the last time back in 2008 – and my hemorrhoid scars still remind me (kidding, but not really).

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You cannot get a better Jury Duty than this! Hooray!

I decided to “just do it.” (not a Nike slogan). To get it over with.

I traversed to the courthouse on Newark Ave. the morning of my Jury Duty. I ran behind. I ended up being 45 minutes late. NO BIG DEAL! (Remember that the next time you have to serve – but use that advice at your own peril. I happened to encounter nice people at the courthouse).

Upon entering, they were still in the midst of “jury orientation.” That means a bunch of rules and regulations, such as “no Fakebook posts while in the waiting room” and other nonsensical guidelines.

Then some videos, and how the jury selection process works.

We found out that today’s “cases” was only half a dozen or so. “Much less” than the three-dozen that normally appear on court days. Our administrator suggested we might be in luck.

15 minutes later, a man appeared and read some names to come to the podium. They received a letter of sorts. Not sure what that was about.

But shortly thereafter – he said, “All the cases today have been dismissed, and you’re all done with Jury Duty for today!” Hooray!

Then he proceeded to say – “as far as tomorrow… (theatrical delay)… You’re all DONE with Jury Duty for at least three years!”

The crowd sighed and cheered with relief.

Only 20 minutes of Jury Duty? An early Christmas present for everyone attending.

My guess is that it will be the LAST time that happens to us in Hudson County, NJ.

God Bless!

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