Dear Fat Feminists – NO THANKS!

Dear Fat Feminists – NO THANKS!

[411 Note: We love the Louder with Crowder site. Just pure common sense. Below is a fantastic piece highlighting just one part of the social insanity that is overcoming our world…]


Allow me to set the stage as to just why the world’s self-professed “Top plus size model” has a beef with me. First, she has beef with a lot of people. The woman just loves beef. Second, I penned a widely circulated column titled “Dear Fat Feminists: Being Naked While Unattractive is not ‘Brave’…”  Then, Tess Holliday Responded. Angrily. So, then I responded. And now, here we are.

I highly recommend watching the video, as I can’t possibly include the whole transcript here. But let me give you a bit of the gist

Here’s the thing: getting naked isn’t an accomplishment worthy of praise. Because everyone can do it. In fact everyone does. Most people shower, bathe, or traipse around their apartments while naked, checking themselves out while making kissing faces in reflective surfaces. In my case, usually followed by profuse, involuntary vomiting.

Also, let’s talk about this for a second: Heidi Klum or Cindy Crawford getting naked is not praised as “brave.” Why not? Glad you asked. Both women are smoking hot and look good naked. An athlete like Serena Williams, while she may not be your cup of tea, has also earned her physique. When selling nudie calendars, we generally try to sell them with women who look good nude.

She responded on Facebook asking me to “kiss her fat *ss” which I politely declined. Listen, my point remains. Improving self-esteem shouldn’t be done through getting naked. It should be done through accomplishments. The “fat pride” movement is just as narcissistic as the modeling industry in that it places importance merely on the flesh. It’s silly, just like fat, angry feminists are silly. Think I’m wrong? Tweet your anger to @Scrowder and I’ll be sure to respond. And by “respond” I mean likely do nothing.

Also, Tess Holliday has been invited onto the program. Instead, she’s opted to block me.


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