Destroying the fabric of humanity

Ripping apart society, destroying the fabric of humanity {ex-Facebook exec}

I’ve been telling you all for years – that this way of life is not good. It literally screws with your God-given brain. Worse than drugs!

Here’s what former Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya has to say about it. (We started the video into the presentation – feel free to watch it from the beginning. He has some idiotic things he says as well (i.e., global warming), so this guy isn’t completely woken up – but he’s getting there.) Note, he’s probably “f*ck you” rich because of his FB shares – so he probably doesn’t give a crap behind the wall around his home… But regardless if he’s out there – they do spill beans of truth from their nest eggs now and then.

facebook destroying society

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I’ve tried telling this to my friends, but they’re long gone. The addictive nature of this apparatus is way too powerful for most to even recognize. Gone.