Xmas Idea: Hoboken Dog Wash

Xmas Idea: Hoboken Dog Wash

We recently took Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar for a (LONG OVERDUE) grooming over at Hoboken Dog Wash (211 4th Street).

As always, our favorite Hoboken Dog Groomer Mercedez did a wonderful job on Oscar.

We were kind of “bad dog owners,” by requesting that Oscar get a “short” cut. His hair was so long, that “dingle-berries” were hanging off his ass. It had to be done.

As a result, however, we realized that this was the worst time of the year to get a short haircut! Shame on us. Mr. Oscar is a bit cold with his lack of a coat! But we compensated by keeping him PERMANENTLY in this little raincoat. He seems to be happy.

Hoboken Dog Wash Grooming XMAS idea 720x405 - Xmas Idea: Hoboken Dog Wash

This time, we chose not to do the Robert DeNiro Mohawk as we’ve done countless times in the past. But rather just a “puppy dog” look, with a fancy tail.

Hoboken Dog Wash is a great Christmas Gift Idea!

BY THE WAY – Taking your pooches to the Hoboken Dog Wash is a great idea. And an even better idea – is giving your dog-owning friends a GIFT CERTIFICATE this Christmas Season. They’re available in ANY denomination – and your friends will appreciate a FREE dog wash or grooming, especially after the muddy snow melt!

Conveniently located in the center of town, Hoboken Dog Wash has been our preferred place to get our pooches taken care of.

You will not find a better groomer than Mercedez. She’s one of a kind. Honest, compassionate, and real.

Give Hoboken Dog Wash a call at 201-795-5111 to schedule your appointment – or stop by at 211 Fourth Street to find out more.

Our household is now a better place without dingle-berry arguments every other frickin’ day!

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