Hoboken Week in Review – 8/10/2008


A warm summer welcome to all the new Hoboken411 readers!

Here are the Top 10 new, bumped or updated postings this week that had the best, most diverse and hottest overall discussion in Hoboken for the week ending Sunday August 10th, 2008.


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Coming Attractions:
    Progress report on the future Clearview Cinemas theater arriving in 2009.
  2. Park Ordinance not good enough
    And voted down by the Hoboken Planning Board.
  3. Promotions for everyone!
    Doling out money like a PEZ dispenser over at the Hoboken Board of Education.
  4. The Beijing Olympics
    …are well underway. Hopefully no stabbings occur in Hoboken about medals.
  5. “I did it our way…”
    Part historical landmark, part Mayoral publicity stunt, part fun topic of discussion: A progress report on Sybil’s Cave along the waterfront.
  6. 3x the dirty diapers
    The community discusses the incredible Hoboken triplets.
  7. Big developer has a Condo Factory in Hoboken
    Real Estate player URSA / Tarragon has some of their property profiles on Hoboken411 updated.
  8. Raising your glass money for the homeless
    The second of two annual fundraisers to help the Hoboken Homeless Shelter.
  9. Save Neumann Leathers!
    The Neumann Leathers Tenant Association throws a shin-dig to help stave off developers who want to ruin the artist community in Hoboken.
  10. Homeless from the Homeless Shelter
    One (who some readers call “nuts”) homeless girl complains about the conditions of the local shelter.


This week

Summer events continue in Hoboken (you can see them listed on the calender on the bottom of the left sidebar – Let me know if I’m missing any good ones!)

Such as:

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[411 note: Apparently this user meant to comment on the All Points West Festival, but put their comment in this post…] A lot of waiting in lines in the hot sun. – Waited on line for the ferry at the seaport for about 40 minutes – Waited on line at the will call trailer for our tix for about 20 minutes – Waited on line to get into the festival for about 30 minutes – Waited on line for the “ID Check” so we could get drinks for about 15 minutes – Waited on line in the “beer garden” (which was the only place you could drink your FIVE drink maximum allotment of alcohol, that was monitored by our bracelets with 1,2,3,4,5 tabs which they ripped off every time you ordered a drink) for a total of about an hour by the end of the day. – Waited on line for the porta potties about 5 times throughout the day- prob for a total of 45 minutes to an hour. – Waited on line for a cheese steak for 10 minutes – Waited on line for fries which I got as a “to go” snack on our way back– 15 minutes I’m a big girl- a grown up… what I don’t understand is why the people managing this festival decided that I needed a babysitter for the day. Going to a festival is all about having fun- and being policed like we were all day was not fun. It was… Read more »