Butterfly the homeless woman


Saw this young lady in front of Basic Foods on Washington St. this afternoon, and wanted to find out what her story was.


Banned from Homeless Shelter

“Butterfly” had a sign that said she was banned from the Hoboken Homeless Shelter (five days ago).

Why were you banned from the shelter?
“I was banned because I complained about bugs being in my food. I went back and asked for a different plate of rice without bugs, and they kicked me out for complaining. They banned me for 60 days. I wasn’t the only one with bugs, as another man had them too. Even the chef said there were bugs in the kitchen that day.”

Where are you living now?
“Under a bridge. Honestly, it’s better than that shelter. The conditions are horrible and disgusting. The women’s bathroom smells worse than rancid raw sewage, and they never clean the place!”

How come you’re not asking for money by the PATH?
“The Transit Police always chase me away.”

Where were you from originally?
“New Hampshire.”

That’s all the time I had to ask her questions, then I gave her $5.00 and finished my long list of errands for the day. Stop by and hear her story! (She’s quite profane…)

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BACK TO BUTTERFLY, forcing a person into treatment does not work a person must want the help. Butterfly is a jerk looking for handouts to feed her addiction, reguardless of what anyone has to say about the shelter, they are trying. For every person placed into the shelter thats one less person on your door step. I learned that the shelter has a number a program designed to help a person help themselves. They continue to accept food, clothes, and other items. Can you help.


[quote comment=”98956″]brady, you don’t think that my label fits jesse jackson?
tm…i said “never again”…you read it. damn you are so dense.[/quote]

ummmm, i think i agreed with you on jesse jackson. if it came across as not agreeing, i definitely agreed.

i said that jesse isn’t there because there’s no african americans in iowa (even though i’m sure there are, but you get the point).

Tama Murden

Re 79.: Ditto! 😆 😆 😆

strand tramp
strand tramp

brady, you don’t think that my label fits jesse jackson?
tm…i said “never again”…you read it. damn you are so dense.


[quote comment=”98944″]Re 74: Good one, Ms. O’Hara! “Why do you feel a need to be the morals police? Perhaps you should live and let live, and apologize to redeem yourself.” Morals Police do love “shoulds.” So I do apologize, Fraulein Scarlett. And hope I’m redeemed for writing “could,” when I could have written “should” like you! :lol:[/quote]
What? I was just foolin’ around. 😆 😆