Hoboken411 Video Flashback: Ravi Bhalla SLAMMED!

Hoboken411 Video Flashback: Ravi Bhalla SLAMMED by Hoboken resident!

Part of the Flashback Hoboken category (and partly because we abandoned Vimeo) – today we present another Hoboken411 Video Flashback: Ravi Bhalla Slammed by Hoboken resident!

It’s something you ought to think about – as TWO-THIRDS of Hoboken residents DID NOT CHOOSE “Mr. Bhalla” as their representative.

Bhalla is littered with questionable actions.

Perhaps there’s a way for the two-thirds of the Hoboken constituents to force a referendum to recall this election, and prevent this egotistical opportunist from getting to his next so-called “stepping stone” of personal achievement. But it’s up to you guys. Not to be weak assholes and allow this tomfoolery to happen right in front of your face.

While your taxes remain high, “curb cuts” seem to be more of a priority than your bank account. F- them all.

Ravi Bhalla Slammed

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