Vimeo is not a good company

Vimeo is not a good company

I’ve been (now was) a paying Vimeo customer for a DECADE. I have now decided to to STOP paying them entirely. Because Vimeo is not a good company in my opinion.

They lack customer skills. In lieu of “innovations,” and hiring dim-witted millennials to handle their customer base.

Never going back to them again. I recommend anyone else using them to do the same.

done with vimeo bad company

Why did you join Vimeo to begin with?

We’ve always liked the control they gave users over their videos. And back in the day, they were pioneers of “enhanced” HD playback. YouTube way back was crap in comparison. But today, all bets are off.

Why are you leaving Vimeo now?

Their support, complete lack of logic, and understanding of what a long-time customer means.

I had been a paying customer for 10 years. I paid an annual fee to have the ability to upload “up to 250GB per year” to my account.

I only had about 50gb over that decade.

My account was set for renewal, and considering my reduced video frequency, I decided I wanted to revert back to their “basic” plan (the free one).

They told me that I’d lose 388 of my 540 videos uploaded!

What? I paid you for a decade, now you’re removing the majority of my content? FUCK YOU!

I tried reasoning with them. Their free plans allow 25gb of content per year. I was already a “meager” PRO user of the site. Just keep my videos up!

“No. You can only have 10gb of content.” What?

Okay – I’ll quit – but give me my videos back

I was fine with quitting and relinquishing the videos – IF I could simply download them all.


I have to download ALL 540 videos individually!


A tech company can’t figure out a way to ZIP up my files and let me download them? It’d take less than half an hour total, and we can be done!

No. And they offered nothing but weak excuses as to why not.

Everything for these “Tech” companies is just data, analytics, and process. The human element is practically gone. Sort of the when you call a “company” to speak with someone, only to have to go through a maze of phone menus, hold times, just to speak with some moron in a foreign country.

They literally have no understanding of the people providing for their existence!

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