What’s the big deal about saying “F*ck?”

What’s the big deal about saying “F*ck?”

With all the perverse “topics” that are infiltrating our society the past decade or so (i.e., transgender, gay, etc.), it puzzles me why people are still uptight about “bad words.” What’s the big deal about saying “F*ck?” Or other “terrible” words like “sh*t” or “*sshole” or “c*unt?”

In 2017 (soon to be 2018), it seems like this “tradition” of carrying on the “self-censorship” of preventing you to print the words in full – is still in full swing.

Like that makes a damn bit of difference.

Isn’t society already “awake?”

Even when I was a “kid” in the 70’s – we ALL knew the “bad words.” It was no secret 40+ years ago. We just avoided as best as we could, to say them in front of our parents. But everyone knew the bad words.

The premise of “behaving yourself” when you type or print actual words on paper (or on screen), that this old-age tradition of “self-censoring” yourself is still going strong. Or else you will get a bad mark on yourself or your online property.

It seems out of place to me. Why are we still carrying on this tradition? For what purpose? Who are the beneficiaries?

Even four decades ago, we all knew. And today, even more. I’m sure single-digit-aged kids know much more bad stuff than we knew back then. Why the coddling over mere words?

Movies are the worst

Most movies (PG and up) are riddled with “profanity” and much worse. Stuff like racial slurs. Gender slurs. And much more.

Same goes for most TV shows as well.

You see the print or online magazines “self-censoring” themselves – while the movie and TV industry just shoves filth down everyone’s throats.

Why don’t they have the same moral guidelines? What is going on?

Sure, it’s to protect the innocence of children, right?

I’m in full agreement that children should be allowed to be innocent little kids AS LONG AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. It’s in their best interest, for sure!

That absolutely includes preventing them from being exposed to the scum of society (i.e., Hollywood, MSM, marketing, etc.) Hard to do, but feasible.

Part of this includes LIMITING their exposure to mainstream anything. Including movies, videos, and other major marketing endeavors that only enrich the few. (Frozen, Minions, etc.)

Yes – parents have quagmires they need to deal with. And the “ease” of plopping your kid in front of a TV screen for hours on end is enticing. It’s why cars have DVD players and even SD-slots to upload videos to your family car’s “JUKEBOX!”

And it’s certainly a good idea NOT to display profane and disgusting things in front of your innocent children.

But is it really for the kids? Or just virtue signaling?

You cannot hide real life from kids for long

Whether it’s the neighbor next door – or some other way (like school or the playground), it is next to impossible to stop the propagation of information (except if you’re Google).

People will TALK to each other. This includes kids.

So if you shelter your child as best as you can – you LOSE all control once they’re in a group environment such as school.

And there will ALWAYS be at least one kid who’s way ahead of the others – at least when it comes to the “bad” things you might want to prevent. They don’t screen kids in that way before entering school. So you’re always at a disadvantage.

Back to the point. F*CK that all!

I’m on the fence about this. One, because I have no problem being what is decreed (by society at this point), as being “profane.” I think most people are comfortably profane in their everyday life.

50 or 100 years ago – being profane was considered a character deficiency. Today? Not so much. Unless you’re a Tourretts-suffering curser – I think you’ll be okay in most social circumstances – unless you’re in front of the Church Lady.

However, I do prefer people who are not excessively profane or vulgar. I think most people are in that boat. I wouldn’t want all my friends to be exactly like Sam Kinnison.

But something has reached a breaking point, I believe.

Time to knock the stigma of “bad words” out

Within “adult” media (like MSM, or blogs like this), it’s time to say “goodbye” to asterisks and self-censoring. Those days are long gone.

And many sites do indeed do that.

How “gatekeepers” like Google handle that is still uncertain – but I think the day will come when we see useless MSM outlets start using previously-forbidden words being allowed in their articles.

They’re not that bad – and in fact, they are quite useful depending on the context. One of the best phrases in existence is “FUCK THAT.” It can be said for most of what you visualize around you as you traverse the earth.

That includes government officials, employees and other “minions,” as well as the majority of the mainstream chain stores you drive by town after town after town. FUCK THEM ALL.

Fuck is a good word. It hardly means what it used to be (i.e., “I fucked the lead cheerleader of the opposition team.”)

The stupid “f*ck” word now is mostly either “We’re fucked” or “we’ll fuck them over.” I think the banging of another person has reached an all-time low.

So now what?

While I think the overall perversion of society is a bad idea (movies, porn, TV, sports, news, propaganda) – The whole bad stigma with saying “bad words” probably has to reach a natural end sometime soon.

It is indeed happening across the board – as many “MSM” outlets have “allowed” a rather risque language into their articles or posts – we still have ways to go.

I mean, think about it. Those big bad things are simply words. Either printed or vociferated. They’re just sounds or visial representations of sounds.


The goodness of society is being removed

While I’m here saying “it’s not a big deal” (they are just words), I think there is something else to be said.

“GOODNESS” used to be taught top to bottom in society.

Primarily churches, but also in elementary schools, etc. Kids were taught to be uh, obedient, and compliant.

Wait a minute. That doesn’t sound too kosher, does it? To create slaves in some slavery program called “school?”

(YES – this is why you need to subscribe to SCHOOLSUCKSPROJECT.COM)

But they still peddle nonsense in movie-theaters across the globe? Hypocrisy anyone?

Raw play time

Anyone that has any interest in raising a quality child ready to encounter the bullshit storm heading this way – will raise FREE-RANGE KIDS.

It’s up to the parents to prepare their offspring for the nonsense they’re ABSOLUTELY going to encounter.

Teach your kids RAW skills. Like building, collecting, organizing, etc.

Not WATCHING, LAUGHING, LOUNGING, EATING. That will make them into 300lb. land monsters who love tweeting pics of their blobby yoga pants. GROSS!

“F*ck” what the establishment says

Society has been taught to “behave.” And yes – giving kids sensible guidelines is a good thing.

However, the “words” we use – should not be the center of what is taught. Having kids that are well behaved is a good idea. Educating them is a better idea.

Teaching kids – even the bad aspects of life – is part of that education.

Parents (i.e., adults) are using profanity more than ever. While I think it’s good not to have a curse-word-spewing child, I don’t see the harm in educating them about those “bad words” sooner rather than later. Shielding kids can often backfire – especially since most parents CANNOT control their kids 100% of the time. That is unrealistic.

Best bet is to TEACH kids proper circumstances. WHEN and WNY things are said or can be said. It’s not that they’re “BAD” per se – it’s all about situations.

In the end – what difference does it make?

What’s the big deal about saying “F*ck?” In the long run, it probably makes no difference.

It’s all about control and so on.

Kids will become adults – and will be free to say whatever they want.

The oddity of this social mechanism is fascinating. We do not want children that are confined to social mores. We want freely-thinking kids who can stand on their own two feet. And controlling the verbiage is just the beginning.

Notice how hardly anyone opines about much in person these days. They’re subconsciously afraid to do so.

I’d never want my kids to feel that way. They should be free to speak their mind.

This, unfortunately, is part of the big master program TPTB have over society.

People overall, are essentially becoming non-critical-thinking lemmings.

God help us!

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